These Ingredients Will Help You Easily Fill Small Holes In Your Wall In A Pinch

Whether you are a renter hoping to get your deposit back or a homeowner trying to stay on top of monthly home maintenance, it's beneficial to know how to repair small holes in your wall yourself. These tiny holes are often the result of small screws, thumbtacks, or nails that were once used to hang home decor, and they can be a burden to fix. 

Did you know that you can use baking soda and toothpaste to repair this damage when you are in a pinch? This may come in handy if you must fill those holes in your drywall as soon as possible and do not have time to take a trip to your local home improvement store for spackling paste.

All you need for this hack is baking soda and a tube of white toothpaste. This trick works best on white walls as the white baking soda and toothpaste mixture will blend right in. You can attempt to fill holes in colored walls with this mixture, too, but keep in mind that you will need to paint over the holes once they are filled so that they match the color of the wall. However, paint is not formulated to lay over this toothpaste and baking soda mixture, so this would only be a very temporary solution until you can fill in the holes with spackling paste.

How to use baking soda and toothpaste to fill small holes

To use this method to fill small holes in your walls, create a paste with white toothpaste and baking soda. Next, spread the mixture across the small holes in your wall until they are filled, and wipe away the excess. The mixture should dry hard and make the holes far less noticeable, similar to spackling paste. 

It's important to note this paste will not work well in larger holes, such as those left by larger screws and nails. Bigger holes require a more permanent solution, so it is best to fill them in with spackling paste and paint over the area as needed.

If you do not have white toothpaste to create this mixture, you can also carry out this drywall repair hack with glue and baking soda. Simply create a thick paste with baking soda and white glue. Use this mixture to fill the small holes in your walls and wipe away the excess. If you desire, you can paint over the holes with the appropriate shade of paint after you finish using either the baking soda and toothpaste mixture or the baking soda and glue mixture.

Things to keep in mind before using this method

Before repairing the holes in your wall with this toothpaste and baking soda mixture, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to maintain your walls long-term. As previously mentioned, this is only a temporary solution. The mixture will eventually wear away, so you should still aim to fill holes in with the proper materials at some point. You should fix the damage with spackling paste once you notice the toothpaste and baking soda mixture has worn away.

It is also important to remember that toothpaste will eventually dry and crack, which is why this solution is not ideal for big holes. If you still insist on using the mixture in bigger holes, you may add crushed aspirin tablets into the mixture to minimize the risk of cracking. This may also help the holes remain filled for longer. Still, you will see much better results using traditional wall spackling if you are dealing with larger holes in your wall.