Hidden Costs That Can Sneak Up On You When DIYing A Storage Shed

When you need to free up space in a garage or basement for outdoor equipment, you may consider investigating how much it costs to build a storage shed from scratch. TikTok can help you build an affordable storage shed for less than $100, or you can think about buying a DIY storage shed kit that should simplify the process. However, don't assume that the initial cost for materials is the final number you need to plug into your budget for this project.

Multiple hidden costs can be associated with erecting a storage shed on your property. You should be aware of these potential hidden costs before you decide exactly what you want to build. A project that seems inexpensive at first glance may have so many hidden expenses that you end up spending more than what you would for another design. People often underestimate the price of putting up a storage shed because of hidden costs.

One type of expense that you may have for constructing a storage shed, regardless of whether you DIY the work or purchase a kit, is the potential need for a permit. If you live in an area where you need building permits to do any kind of construction work, which is common in urban areas, consider this cost. A storage shed usually will have a permitting fee of $50 to $250, although your cost will depend on your local rules.

Hidden costs of obtaining materials and prepping the site for a storage shed

You will need quite a few materials to construct your storage shed, regardless of whether you buy a kit or design and construct the unit yourself. You need a way to transport these materials to your home. If you don't have a truck you own or can borrow from a friend, you may need to rent one. Some lumber yards and big box hardware stores will rent trucks for around $20 per hour. You also could pay for delivery or shipping of the materials, although some stores deliver or ship kits for free.

To create the most sturdy storage shed, you will need to prepare the site. Having a level foundation yields a longer lifespan for the storage shed, so you may have some hidden costs for moving dirt to create a level space. If you want to then pour a concrete slab on which to set the unit, expect to pay around $6.60 per square foot for the slab. The average cost for materials when creating a gravel pad is about $200 to $288 for an average sized space of 10-by-16 feet, making it a far less expensive option versus using concrete. Pouring a concrete pad for that same 10-by-16-foot size space costs about $1,000.

Hidden expenses as you are building your storage shed

Features that go beyond the basic design of a storage shed are going to bring hidden costs into the equation. For example, if you want power in the shed, you will drive up the price of the unit relatively quickly. Expect to pay between $10 and $25 per linear foot to have an electrician run power to the storage shed. Your total cost will depend on the distance from the new unit to the power source. Depending on where you live and what you're using the shed for, it may be illegal to run and set up your own wiring, so consider hiring an electrician for this work.

Having the right tools and power equipment on hand to construct your own storage shed from scratch or to put together a kit can represent a hidden cost, too. You'll need a large step ladder, a power saw, a measuring tape, a level, a hammer, a power drill, and sawhorses at a minimum. You may need wrenches or sockets, too. To save, you could rent them, as many big box hardware stores will rent tools.

Finally, you may want some organizing equipment inside the shed. Things like shelving, workbenches, and brackets can help you keep your equipment and tools organized. If you build your own shelves, you can expect to pay around $100 for materials at a minimum. Kits that contain a variety of brackets for hanging equipment can cost more than $100.