Use Every Inch Of Closet Storage With This Dollar Tree Must-Have For Handbags

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Does this sound familiar? You open your closet, only to find pocketbooks piled high, stuffed into corners, or crammed on shelves. You may even have a few strewn about your bedroom or thrown beneath your bed. If the thought of this much disorganization is making you dizzy, you're not alone. Not only does clutter waste time as you look for the perfect accessory, but it can also affect your mental health. Thankfully, you can easily — and affordably — organize your closets and your handbags with nothing more than a few plastic hooks from the Dollar Tree. And if you don't have a Dollar Tree nearby, you can purchase these items online, streamlining the process further. 

A 4-pack of self-adhesive plastic hooks from the Dollar Tree is $1.25, keeping this hack affordable. For example, you can organize 20 handbags for $6.25. Each hook can hold up to three pounds, so be mindful of the bags you hang from them. This means that your everyday bag — complete with your wallet, keys, and more — might not work, but the bags you use less frequently will fit perfectly on these hooks. Here's what you need to know about the Dollar Tree DIY that keeps handbags neat and tidy in your closet.

Attach your Dollar Tree hooks

This hack is simple, and it only takes a few minutes. Find some free wall space in your closet or in the area you're looking to organize. This might even be a wall in your bedroom if you're interested in displaying your pocketbook collection. Next, attach the hooks in any pattern you like — just be sure you have enough room for each handbag to fit without crowding one another. This hack is ideal for small bags or wristlets, although larger bags work, so long as they don't exceed the hook's weight requirements. If you have bigger bags to stash, consider upgrading to heavyweight Command Hooks. You can purchase a 2-pack on Amazon for $10 and each hook holds upwards of 15 pounds. 

Once your hooks are installed, you can start organizing! You might want to arrange your handbags by color or by style, going from daytime to glam. You can even use this hack to organize other items in your home, such as scarves, ties, belts, and more. If you have reusable shopping bags, consider using these plastic hooks to keep them tidy between uses. You could even use these hooks in your shower to organize loofahs, bath toys, and more. And if you want to attach these hooks to furniture, just be sure that the adhesive won't damage its finish. 

Decide what to organize — and what to donate

As you work to tidy your space and organize your handbags in your closet, it's always a good idea to ask yourself if there are any pocketbooks you no longer need. You could always donate them, as this helps someone in need. You can also reuse them around your home, creating everything from toiletry kits to using them as diaper bags. However, if all your bags are spoken for and you want to keep all of them, this hack can store everything comfortably in your closet. And if you don't have a closet, you can use this hack inside a wardrobe. 

The other great thing about this hack is that it's not permanent, making it ideal for renters. If you no longer need plastic hooks to organize your closet, simply remove them from your walls. Just be careful not to remove any paint with them. The best way to remove these hooks is with a hair dryer and a piece of floss, heating the adhesive, and slowly removing it with the string.  So if you're ready to organize your space, grab a few packs of these hooks and you'll understand why this hack is one of the best ways to organize your closet.