The Dollar Tree Storage Item That Every Tea Lover Should Have In Their Kitchen

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Kitchens are typically tasked with storing a whole range of different items including cooking supplies, food, utensils, dishes, and everything else needed to craft delicious meals for the whole family. With so much stuff constantly competing for space, it can be tough to keep everything organized. Homeowners turn to various storage systems to ensure the space stays neat. Cutlery drawer organizers, storage baskets, and cabinet dividers are just a few items used to avoid a messy kitchen. However, achieving perfectly organized kitchen cabinets and countertops can get expensive. 

Fortunately, with a little creativity, you can maintain a tidy kitchen for less. Dollar Tree sells an affordable storage container perfect for organizing tea bags. This clear, three-compartment item costs just $1.25 on the Dollar Tree website. You might also be able to find it at your local store if you'd prefer to pick it up in person. The organizer is stackable so you can purchase more than one to create a larger storage system if you have more than three types of tea. It also includes a lid, which will help keep your teabags fresh and protected from any sources of moisture in your kitchen.

How to create a tea storage system with this Dollar Tree find

TikTok user @sow_viable shared a video of how to use this Dollar Tree container to store tea bags. The content creator placed a different type of tea in each slot and stacked the bags until each space was filled. They utilized five containers in total to create a larger storage system. Printed labels, such as those shown in the video, would also help you to quickly identify each type of tea and grab your desired bag easily.

Although @sow_viable placed the storage system on a shelf, keep in mind that these containers could also be stored on your kitchen counter, in a cabinet, or anywhere else you would like. If you like the idea of labeling each slot with the tea names, for even better organization, head to Amazon to purchase a label maker. This Brother P-Touch Label Maker looks similar to the one shown in the video and is only $39.99.

This storage container can be used all around your home

This Dollar Tree container can be used for various items throughout your kitchen. If you're a coffee drinker, place sugar packets, creamer packets, and of course, coffee pods in the storage system's various sections. This would also be a great way to store small packages of candy so that you and your guests have a variety of treats to choose from. You can also easily organize any excess condiment packets that might be lying in a junk drawer in this container.

Likewise, the Dollar Tree container is also a great way to store your arts and crafts supplies. You could place beads, buttons, or other tiny items that are easily lost inside. Small toiletries that contribute to bathroom clutter could be placed in the container to help keep your space neat and free of mess. This may include cotton pads, hair ties, small dental floss containers, and any other small item that does not already have a designated space in your bathroom.