How To Transform A Toilet Paper Roll Into A Stunning Decor Piece

Ceramic decor pieces are not cheap. Whether it's a terracotta vase, a clay bowl, or a porcelain dish, this type of decor looks beautiful in the home — but certainly adds up when it comes to the price. So what does one do if they want the classic look of ceramic decor when it's not in the budget? You find clever dupes online — or you make your own, like this creative donut vase dupe made with a toilet paper roll.

Even though it's been some time since the donut vase was considered a viral online trend in 2021, many retailers are still selling this popular home decor piece in all different shapes and sizes (but always with a hole in the middle, of course). Nifty DIY crafters have found clever ways to create stylish vase dupes with dollar store finds, and thanks to a crafting tutorial from Home Talk, we now know how to make our very own donut vase dupe at a very low price point. Here's what you need to make your own, and how to style it like a pro.

How to make this donut vase dupe

To make this stunning decor piece, cut the toilet paper roll in half like "a hamburger," meaning the roll will retain its shape, but it will be half the size. Next, grab a round foam circle, like you would use to make a wreath. Shave away the bottom using a retractable knife so the piece can sit flat on a surface (make sure the knife is long enough to work with). Glue the bottom of the cut toilet paper roll to the top of the foam circle — on the opposite side of where you cut out the bottom. Carefully hot glue the sides, then let it sit to dry. You may need to do this process a few times to make sure there are no gaps between the toilet paper roll and the foam circle.

Once it's dry, apply a layer of spackle (or a spackle substitute) to your piece using an artist's pallet knife to make a solid, even surface. Spackle the inside of the toilet paper roll as well. Leave it to dry for 24 hours.

Sand it down with a 220-grit sandpaper block until the surface is even and smooth. Then you can take it outside to spray paint it the color of your choice; bonus if you choose a stone-like textured color like Rust-Oleum. Let it dry completely, then style your donut vase however and wherever you'd like!

Styling tips for your new vase dupe

There are many creative ways to decorate your home with vases, but what would be the best flower and vase combos to play with, especially with your new donut vase dupe? And how should you style your vase in your home?

For a donut vase, the best type of foliage to place in it is anything that doesn't require water to stay fresh. Small bunches of dried or fake herbs, leaves, and flowers that can sit right at the top work best, versus fresh flowers that would die quickly. HGTV's Emily Henderson recommends utilizing asymmetrical branches right from your backyard, which aren't as costly as flowers and give "a natural grace" to the space. Play around with how your arrangement sits in the vase as well; a slanted or asymmetrical bunch can give this decor piece a unique, posh look.

As for where to place your vase, using it as a centerpiece is always a classic choice. However, for something a bit different, use it to decorate your coffee table or make it a statement piece for your front foyer. Don't want to place a whole table near your front door? Play with layers and place it on the floor next to a chair or bench!