The IKEA MALM Dressing Table Has Become A TikTok-Viral Bedroom Vanity

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When a product goes viral on TikTok, there's often a big question about how it went viral — and whether or not it's the real deal. In the case of IKEA's MALM dressing table, the apparent reason for its virality is down to its contribution to the 'clean girl aesthetic' — which has gained traction on TikTok in recent years, and this bedroom vanity only adds to that vibe.

Spend five minutes scrolling TikTok under the hashtag #ikeamalmdresser, and you'll come across many videos like creators @seda.els and @lilleynster, who purchased the MALM dressing table and have creatively designed and styled it as their own bedroom vanities -– complete with neatly organized makeup compartments. While the dresser has gone viral for its minimalist look and ability to store a lot away in its drawer, it can also double as a work-from-home desk. Not 100% sold yet? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of this viral vanity.

The IKEA MALM dressing table: is it worth it?

While there are hundreds of vanity dressers from, boho chic to minimalist, the $169 IKEA MALM dressing table ticks many boxes. From the price point and aesthetic to an overall well-suited dresser for many households, we can see why it gained so much popularity online. Although it comes in two options (white or black), the viral option is white — which also comes with a glass panel overlay for the top of the dresser, adding to the overall clean look.

This dressing table requires assembly, and under specific instructions, you'll need to attach it to your wall, which, if you're renting, may be an issue. As for maintenance, it's low-key, with a damp cloth and disinfectant spray being the only things you'll need to keep it clean. However, if you're looking for a vanity/desk hybrid with ample storage space, this is not the dressing table for you. One of the main complaints we've seen on IKEA's website reviews — as well as multiple TikTok comments — is that the drawers can be flimsy, so the durability of the IKEA MALM makeup vanity is still up for debate.

Bedroom vanity alternatives to consider

If this viral vanity isn't doing it for you, consider one of these alternatives. Coming in at $20 under the MALM's price, the GreenForest Vanity Desk, available for $149 on Amazon, could be a great alternative. While the MALM dresser has literal millimeters more in comparison to the GreenForest for its overall size, the GreenForest has ever-so-slightly better drawer space, with 36cm in length compared to the MALM's 33.8cm — and the latter has two drawers instead of one larger one.

Looking for a cheaper alternative? The Convenience Concepts Northfield Desk is currently on Amazon for about $100, much less than the cost of IKEA's MALM. Considerably more narrow at 91.44cm compared to its broader counterparts at 120cm, the height and depth are very similar. This particular desk comes with one drawer, which doesn't bother its customers — the main concern is its sturdiness, according to reviews. As with any piece of functional furniture, it's well worth doing your own research to determine which bedroom vanity and/or desk is best for you. If you're interested in alternative organization methods, pick up these plastic drawer organizers on Amazon for $15.