TikTok Is Obsessed With This Degreaser For Those Stubborn Wall Stains

Wall stains aren't exactly easy to avoid — especially in households with children or pets. They can come from food, dirt, grime, and plenty of other sources of mess that are a part of everyday life. Unfortunately, once your wall is stained, it's also impossible to ignore. Removing these marks while ensuring the paint remains intact is a challenge, not to mention time-consuming. Many of the most common cleaning solutions contain chemicals that strip paint and require a significant time commitment to work. Thankfully, the Crossfire degreaser spray easily makes dirty walls look as good as new.

TikTok user @jason_cleans shared a video showcasing how he uses the stain-fighting product to clean in a flash. Rather than spraying the bottle's contents directly onto the wall as is, the content creator dilutes it with water first to help prevent it from damaging his paint. After spraying the solution on, he effortlessly wipes away a very harsh, messy stain with just one quick move. When you think of degreasers you might assume that they're too harsh to use to clean your interior walls. However, @jason_cleans demonstrated how he used the Crossfire variety without causing damage.

The Crossfire degreaser spray removes stains without damage

As @jason_cleans notes in the above video, the Crossfire degreaser spray tackled a large, dark stain along the bottom of a white wall with ease. This impressive cleaning power is the result of the solution's formula. Crossfire degreaser is typically used in commercial spaces to dissolve fats, remove nicotine stains and floor polishes, and more. This explains just how effective the product is at removing even the toughest stains. If you want to purchase the Crossfire degreaser to try in your own home, Crystal White sells the spray bottle version for $8.00. 

There are also larger bottles of the product available for purchase on the site. This may be a better option for those who already have an empty spray bottle on hand and plan to use the product more often. Likewise, given how powerful it is, it's worth noting that Crossfire can also be used in other areas around your home. According to the item's product description on Crystal White, it can safely be utilized on vinyl, marble, concrete, and terrazzo surfaces. 

Take these steps to protect your walls before using Crossfire degreaser

Even though it's safe to use, once diluted with water, before going to town with the Crossfire degreaser, you should still take certain precautions to further minimize the risk of ruining your walls and paint. This super-strong degreaser can be too harsh for certain surfaces. Beyond diluting with water, it is also important to patch-test any area you plan to use Crossfire before applying it to a larger surface.

If you are using the solution on your wall, for example, apply the diluted cleaner on a small patch and allow it to sit for a few seconds. Wipe it away and take a good look at the area to determine whether any paint was removed or otherwise damaged. If the paint remains intact, you should be able to apply the diluted Crossfire solution to your wall-stains as needed without having to worry about damage.