The Vintage Lighting Trend That Will Have Your Home Sparkling Like The 1920s

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Do you want to decorate your home like "The Great Gatsby?" There are many ways to add some 1920s-inspired pizzazz to your space, such as implementing Art Deco details and popular colors from that era. Also, vintage-inspired ornamental lighting can make a significant statement. "Often composed of beautiful cut glass, deco style chandeliers create a glamorous centerpiece for a room while supplying warm, ambient lighting," Kathy Anderson from Anderson Design Studio told Apartment Therapy.

For instance, TikTokers even show viewers how they drastically improve the looks of their homes by ditching dull and ordinary lighting and replacing them with statement-making chandeliers. Even if your home already has an established style or is inspired by another era, don't be afraid to experiment with a vintage ornamental fixture. Plus, at a wide range of price ranges, these impactful pieces can take your room from blah to beautiful, making them worth the investment.

Tips for choosing your ornamental lighting

Are you ready to choose the perfect lighting for your space in hopes of channeling some 1920s-inspired glamour? When shopping or browsing online, keep an open mind and don't feel pigeon-holed with your current look. In fact, ornamental lighting is the perfect way to add an element of interest to your home. As designer Sharon Taylor Gullett explains to Better Homes and Gardens,  "I love the playfulness of mixing different styles, and I think when you have just one style, it gets boring. There are other ways to make your home's lighting feel cohesive. For example, you could stick with all brass, but you also don't necessarily need to limit yourself there either."

Before shopping for a new chandelier, consider the space's size and style where you'll install the light fixture. Remember to check that the pieces you explore will be proportionate and practical regarding installation before purchasing. You should also opt for pieces that hang lower for higher ceilings and vice versa for lower ceilings. And, looking for a fixture about half the size of your dining room table is a good way to strike eye-pleasing proportions.

Check out these beautiful lighting options

Luckily, there are many stunning and artistic light fixtures to help your home capture those striking 1920s vibes. For example, the dramatic Everly Quinn Anouk Traditional Chandelier from Wayfair injects a pop of glam. The iron fixture features a gold-leaf style, and the ripple-effect glass adds movement to the piece. For a more vintage vibe, look for options like the Luxury Crystal Chandelier Candle Drum Pendant Light from Bed Bath & Beyond. The fixture is made of crystal, wrought iron, and metal and can make even the most minimalistic spaces look movie-star-worthy. 

On the other hand, the Hampton Hill Savor Traditional Candelabra Styled Chandelier has a toned-down silhouette but still provides some 1920s-esque flair. Also available at Bed Bath & Beyond, the dimmable iron chandelier provides you with versatile lighting and a sleek look. Or, to make a bold statement, you can opt for a two-toned fixture combined with classic crystal like this black and gold one on Amazon.