How To Decorate Your Home Like The Great Gatsby

Between the revolutionary fashion and glamorous parties, the 1920s is one of the most iconic time periods in history. Due to Prohibition, glitzy speakeasies became one of the most glamorous places to be, with walls and ceilings adorned with the most stunning details. According to Houzz, this is the era in which the Art Deco style was born. Art Deco influenced everything from cars to clothes to architecture, and its over-the-top yet enticing style can be spotted from a mile away.

One of the most famous and beloved stories that take place during the 1920s is none other than F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby." Though the writing makes it easy to envision the massive mansions and glamorous clothing, the 2013 movie that starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire brought these details to life. If you're an interior design fan, you'll be inspired by the set design. From glittering chandeliers to opulent furniture, there are several ways to include Art Deco elements throughout your own space. That being said, keep reading House Digest's guide on how to decorate your home like "The Great Gatsby."

1. Use geometric patterns throughout your home

According to The Spruce, geometric patterns bring a space to life and create a more professional and dynamic look. Checkered marble floors are one of the most popular ways to use geometric patterns in the home. Reminiscent of a chessboard, checkered floors have a regal appeal that manages to appear timeless and modern simultaneously. Black and white are the most popular colors for this pattern, though you can also use other colors to enhance the design. 

In addition to the floor, the wall is also a great place to add some geometric patterns (via Ballard Designs). Since guests often notice the walls first when entering a house, geometric art or wallpaper is a great way to catch the eye and draw attention. While you want to avoid having your walls look crowded or too busy, adding detailing can really enhance a space and make it appear more elegant.

2. Open up your space with a mirror wall

Decorating with mirrors is one of the simplest ways to add some glamor to your space. Per The Spruce, mirrors also do a great job at opening up a room and making it appear larger. So having said that, if you have a smaller space, mirrors are an absolute must. Since "The Great Gatsby" is known for showcasing grandiose mansions that are beyond massive, you can recreate (or fake) that square footage with mirrors. 

While decorating with large mirrors or a gallery wall of mirrors is a great route to take, a mirror wall is a bit more unique and extravagant. Though you could have a mirror wall installed professionally, it is also possible to accomplish the project yourself (via The Crafty Blog Stalker). Simply measure your space, determine how many mirrors you need, make sure that all of your mirrors are the same size and shape, and you are good to go!

3. Buy as many opulent pieces of furniture as possible

From vintage tables to fancy velvet couches, furniture is one of the most important components to create a Gatsby-inspired space. According to Homedit, luxury furniture is necessary to create an elevated or extravagant home. If you're unsure where to start when it comes to shopping, furniture with metallic finishes or gold accents is always a good idea. From lamps to chairs to dressers, having multiple pieces that all maintain a certain opulence level is necessary to create a cohesive space.

Fabrics also play a huge role in how fancy a piece of furniture looks (via Seen in the City). While velvet is a very consistent and popular option, other upscale Gatsby-esque fabrics include leather, suede, and boucle. However, keep in mind that the comfort and quality of the material also matter. Though luxury is intended to look a certain way, it is also designed to create a specific experience that is pleasurable and indulgent.

4. Use a combination of dark and bright colors

While something about black and white certainly screams "chic," there is also something very bold and brave about using colors. In fact, pairing dark hues with contrasting bright colors creates a stunning and dynamic scene reminiscent of the lavish and revolutionary style of the 1920s. According to House Beautiful, there are plenty of modern, contrasting combos that you can use to upgrade your style and showcase some personality.

Though this might be pretty extreme for some, dark blue and lime green is an amazing color combination that is charming, charismatic, and very rare. While you probably wouldn't want to use this color combo throughout the entirety of your house, it is a wonderful option for a dining room, library, or bedroom. If you want something warmer and less drastic, try creating a space that uses turquoise and yellow to create a hip yet inviting atmosphere.

5. Show off with stunning light fixtures and grandiose chandeliers

Nothing says "Gatsby" quite like a show-stopping chandelier. Per One Kings Lane, chandeliers make a wonderful addition to pretty much any room. Whether you want a chandelier that will catch the eye upon entry, or you want one to serve as the focal point in your dining room, chandeliers have a timeless elegance and class to them. That being said, if you prefer a more modern style, sleek and metallic light fixtures can still contribute to a Gatsby-inspired space.

Though it might not be the first place that you would consider putting a chandelier, your bathroom can be taken to the next level with this traditional accessory. Basically, if you want your entire home to have an Art Deco style, you can use chandeliers or intricate pendants in areas that are otherwise hard to glamorize. Just be sure to be certain of your measurements before buying and attempting to install your chandelier.

6. Add gold accents everywhere

Associated with wealth and royalty for centuries, gold accents are one of the best ways to get your home looking like it's from the "Gilded Age." From lamps to hardware, there are several ways to integrate gold into the design and decor of your home. According to MyMove, having too much gold in your house can result in a tacky or cheap look, which is the exact opposite of what you want to create. It is important to plan your gold accents and furnishing beforehand to avoid that.

Rather than painting your walls with metallic gold paint, stick to gold-framed mirrors, paintings, and lamps. Light fixtures are another wonderful way to increase the glitziness of your space without going overboard. Gold upholstery can have a stunning impact when it comes to furniture, as long as the fabric used is of quality. While gold silk might look upscale and elegant, gold velvet might turn out a bit cheap-looking due to the texture.

7. Don't be afraid of layering pieces on top of one another

When it comes to Art Deco, more really is more. If you want your home to appear alluring and expensive, a minimalistic look is not the route you'll want to take. Instead, layering everything from curtains to rugs creates a fuller and more glitzy atmosphere. According to Architectural Digest, layered rugs create a dynamic effect that adds depth to a room. From the living room to the outdoor dining area, you can layer rugs in pretty much any part of the house that you want, leading to a more bold and versatile style.

If you want to curate a glamorous and ostentatious style, layer with fur rugs for added texture and depth. Curtains are another great thing to layer. Since traditional mansions and palaces have full and fluffed curtains, layering makes that style a lot easier to accomplish and adds a regal touch. Even just layering some blankets on your couch portrays nice yet subtle attention to detail.

8. Play with mirrored furniture

In addition to having lots of mirrors or a mirrored wall, mirrored furniture is a unique and cool way to spice up your space and add some flair. From a dresser to a coffee table, mirrored furniture cleverly opens up the area. According to Kathy Kuo Home, mirrored furniture can double the size of your room. For example, adding a mirrored buffet table to the side of your dining room adds visual layers that trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it is.

Being that mirrored furniture is reflective, you can also use it to highlight any important or distinctive artwork throughout your space. Even if you have a mirrored wall or an abundance of mirrors throughout your home, mirrored furniture is still a great addition. In fact, mirrors are the one accessory that doesn't seem to cause clutter when appropriately placed. Plus, mirrors definitely add some drama, which is exactly what you want when channeling your inner Gatsby.

9. Use silk fabrics on everything from pillows to upholstery

There is no denying the elegance and lavishness of silk. From the soft and sultry texture to the sleek and shiny appearance, silk is a high-end fabric that can take any piece of furniture to the next level. Per Houzz, silk is one of the most admired fabrics in the world, and there is a certain status associated with it. While sitting down with Houzz, interior designer Karla Trincanello said, "There are faux silks on the market that do mimic the sheen of silk, but nothing will ever give the lasting impression of fine quality and elegance like real silk does for me."

Silk is a very durable and resistant fabric, ensuring that it can be sat on or used many times before it starts to show signs of wear and tear. It is also wrinkle-resistant, meaning that your space can look put together and top-notch with ease. Just keep in mind that this renowned fabric is also prone to sun damage, so do your best to keep it out of direct sunlight when possible.

10. Add vintage accessories throughout the house

While vintage artwork and paintings are wonderful, a true Gatsby-inspired home requires some other quirky antiques that deserve to be admired. According to Linesmag, placing random vintage trinkets or items throughout your home is a great way to set the space. From an old telescope to stacked vintage trunks, you can use several different options to create this old-school effect reminiscent of the 1920s.

If you need more objects, simply head to your local antique store or browse Etsy for some inspiration. You should also take some time to browse your own storage closet because you might have some solid pieces that will add an element of surprise and uniqueness to your home. In addition to diversifying your space, vintage accessories will also make your home more inviting and warm. Also, while some antiques can be costly, you can score vintage decor at flea markets and thrift stores at incredibly affordable prices, making it easier to style your home on a budget.

11. Mix and match with polished metals for a sleek yet industrial style

Though tradition says not to mix silver and gold, the grandiose and bold Art Deco style encourages this funky pairing to catch the eye and create stunning contrast. Per Lindye Galloway, polished metals are split into three categories: warm metals, cool metals, and accent metals. Copper, for example, is a warm metal, but stainless steel is a cool metal. Cast iron and matte black are considered accent metals. While you don't want to go too crazy with mixing your metals, adding variety takes your space to the next level.

For example, if you have a gold-framed mirror above your bathroom sink that also has a gold faucet, try pairing two silver sconces on either side of the mirror for a stylish and sophisticated touch. When it comes to accomplishing a Gatsby-inspired vibe, stick to silver, gold, copper, and nickel. However, matte black hardware can add a chic touch when done carefully. Also, remember that mixing and matching polished metals can go beyond hardware and can extend to lamps, chair legs, and light fixtures.

12. Create a vintage gallery wall or use large paintings

Vintage art is an absolute must when creating a regal and upscale space. According to Chris Loves Julia, a gallery wall is a romantic and timeless way to decorate a room. While you can have a variety of sizes when it comes to your chosen paintings, the frames should all fit some style or theme. Whether they be all gold or all metallic, they should complement one another and create a sense of cohesion.

Though gallery walls are beautiful and elegant, large, statement-making pieces also have a sense of refinement and intrigue. While you might assume that large artwork should go in a large room, they actually improve a smaller space (via MyMove). Another benefit of going with a larger painting instead of a gallery wall is that gallery walls can look too cluttered or busy. In contrast, a singular yet large piece appears more exclusive.