The Lighting Idea That'll Turn Your Kitchen Island Into A Stylish Statement Piece

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Islands are excellent for elevating kitchens, providing more space to work with while adding an exciting element to the room at the same time. But, if you want one that will not only elevate the space but also a kitchen island that will transform your home from typical to statement-making, opting for lighting underneath it will instantly add a hyper-modern yet cozy touch and update not just the piece itself but the kitchen as a whole. As Hayley Simmons, Magnet's director of commercial range, told Ideal Home, "If you want to really make a statement with your kitchen island, perhaps the boldest form of accent lighting is LED profile lighting." 

She continued, "Sitting below the worksurface, profile lighting brings bags of ambiance to a contemporary kitchen and is perfect for those that love to host and entertain." There's just something so sleek and alluring about under-island lighting, as the upscale feature will make your space feel more like a luxury hotel bar than just a kitchen with an island at night. Plus, it's a relatively easy look to achieve even if you're not ready to commit fully yet.

Consider starting with under-cabinet lighting

Anyone considering investing in under-island profile lighting but who isn't 100% sure about it may want to start by adding lights under their kitchen cabinets. Under-cabinet lighting is more common than under-island lighting, so consider easing into the upgrade by starting with your cabinets and seeing how you feel about the update from there. "Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen elevates both functionality and aesthetics," Bea Pernia, the founder and lead designer of Bea Interiors, informed Livingetc. "By providing a soft illumination on countertops, it enhances task visibility and adds a warm ambiance, making the space more inviting."

Likewise, "This subtle lighting complements various design styles, visually expands the kitchen, and can boost property value." Thus, under-cabinet lighting will add a charming touch to your kitchen, giving you a great glimpse of what to expect with under-island lighting if you're seriously toying with the idea of implementing it. As for cost, you can expect to spend anywhere between $230 and $300 for under-cabinet lighting. While these upgrades aren't cheap, they will likely impress guests and potentially even attract buyers if and when you sell in the future. Still, ask yourself if the lighting update is worth the price before investing.

Add LED light strips for a smaller commitment

Another way to get the under-island lighting effect without breaking the bank, or committing to a long-term change, is to attach LED strips to the bottom of the island instead of having professional lighting installed. This modern lighting trick is a cheaper alternative to paying for professional profile lighting, at least for the short term. And if you love how it looks, that might be the nudge you need to invest in more permanent, high-quality under-island profile lighting.

One highly-rated LED light strip is the Philips — Hue Bluetooth Lightstrip Plus 80-inch Base Kit — White and Color Ambiance, available for about $100 at Best Buy. Many reviewers adore this LED light strip, giving it high scores for value, quality, and convenience, and recommend it to readers. Another option is the AVVANES A005 LED 394-inch Under Cabinet Strip Light, selling for under $25 at Wayfair, which customers enjoy using in various areas of their homes.