Vintage Lighting Trends That Are Making A Comeback In 2024

There is truth in saying that the trend cycle is cyclical. Trends rise, fall, go out of style, and reclaim their presence in a new way. This is evident now as vintage lighting trends are gaining popularity in a new and revamped way. Many people are incorporating styles that call back to a previous era as a unique detail to accent a space. Current home trends are seeing floor and table lamps that feel like artistic sculptures gain popularity. "[T]here's a growing affinity for collectible floor and table lamps that double as sculptural art pieces," interior designer Kati Curtis tells Homes and Gardens. These look like statement pieces but work with the overall style of the room, adding an unexpected pop of color, print, or texture to the space. Similarly, lamps with colorful glass shades also seem to be a favorite for those looking for vintage inspiration.

What's ideal about this trend is the many ways you can interpret it. Embracing antique style in contemporary homes isn't a new phenomenon. However, it allows every person to figure out exactly how to incorporate it in their own home and their own aesthetic. You can fully embrace vintage lighting and look for original pieces in thrift stores or flea markets. Or, you can take the more contemporary approach and find current lighting that evokes one of the trending vintage styles.

Sculpture-like lighting

Antique lamps often have a sculptural look to them, being very ornate and detailed. For example, banquet lamps were popular in the 19th century. They have globes on either the upper or lower part of the body that are often painted with intricate scenes and motifs. The lamps can also feature intricately carved metal as a globe or a vase-like shape on the body. Of course, you can go searching for these original 19th-century pieces to add to your home, but you can also take inspiration. For a modern twist on the banquet style, consider the Jonathan Y Tavira floor lamp, which features three painted globes on a thin brass body. The intricately painted details evoke a vintage style, but the slim profile and brass finish feel more contemporary.

Get inspired by the detailed painting of banquet lighting to find statement lighting. The Lulu Jardarn floor lamp from Anthropologie has an intricate nature-inspired scene on the body and the shade. The illustration style feels vintage, but the shape of the lamp itself is contemporary. This mix of styles creates a statement that would create a focal point in a living room, adding both a pop of color and pattern. You can also take inspiration from the shape of antique lighting. Look for fixtures that have the globe shape, like the Farrish table lamp. This fixture has a rounded body that evokes an antique style in a slightly more sleek shape. The multi-colored finish also feels like a modern twist on an antique.

Colorful glass shades

Colorful glass is another vintage lighting trend that's gaining popularity in recent years. One of the most recognizable vintage lamp styles is the Tiffany lamp. The style originated during the Art Nouveau movement that highlighted handcrafted art. The stained glass look of Tiffany lamps adds a bright pop of color to a room, along with intricate patterns. Original Tiffany lamps are popular, so you can definitely go on the hunt for one for your home. But because the style is so popular, you can still find many Tiffany-inspired lamps, such as the Pacific Coast Lighting Diamond Pattern table lamp. This fixture has a wood body, which combines two contrasting textures to make an interesting feature for a side table in a living room.

Another popular style of colored glass is Murano glass. Traditionally made in Italy using a specific technique where different colors of glass are melted to create unique designs and blends of color. Similar to Tiffany lamps, you can go on the hunt for original Murano glass light fixtures in antique stores. Murano Glass Italy also sells light fixtures straight from Italy. Of course, you can also take inspiration from Murano glass and add colored glass light fixtures to your home, such as the Volume Lighting chandelier, a sleeker fixture that still adds a pop of color. Looking towards antique lighting trends can help inform contemporary details to set your home apart.