Add An Instant Pop Of Color To Your Home With One Of Jenny Marrs' Favorite Hues

Adding a pop of color to your home can look many different ways. It can be as simple as a colorful door knob or as grand as a living room sofa. When redesigning a cabin home, Jenny Marrs incorporated a neutral, cozy green for the kitchen cabinets and made sure there were green flower arrangements around the home, bringing some life to the scene, which had a strong wood presence in all rooms. Green is a great choice for an instant pop in any space, as it can easily add life or bring balance.

In a recent interview with Homes & Gardens, Marrs named green as her favorite hue and talked about how much she loves decorating with all its shades. "As we all know, green is the color of nature, and I love bringing the outside in. I often incorporate plants, flowers, and cuttings from the tree to bring life inside the house, and green offers a similar energy. It's my go-to color that I use often," she explains.

Green pops in its own way

The color green can communicate various feelings and themes in home décor. It is often associated with the natural world, representing life, growth, health, and well-being, so it creates a connection to nature and a sense of freshness. Green is also considered a balanced color and can help create a sense of harmony in a space with both warm and cool tones.

In the above Instagram post, Jenny Marrs shows a kitchen redesign of hers that consists of mainly cool neutrals and warm accents. She chose a bright pink oven range as the main pop of color to make the space more fun, but some simple hints of green pop show up as well. A bunch of long, green cuttings set on the island and a small, green plant in the coffee station help balance out the colors and bring the kitchen back down to earth. From core furniture pieces to wallpaper or paint, green has more than enough varieties to give you the instant pop of color you need.

Other ways to use green as a pop of color

The vibe you want to create, from neutral to moody, will depend on the shade of green you choose and the context in which it's used. Muted shades of green, like sage or mint, tend to be more calming and lighthearted. They help create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, making them a unique pop of color when used for bedding, curtains, cabinets or shelves. A vibrant green like lime can convey a sense of enthusiasm and energy, bringing that color burst that's needed to create a lively atmosphere. Bright shades can be used for a focal wall, or accents and accessories like throw pillows and lampshades.

When you go darker, green can be more dramatic. A whole room painted in a rich green can communicate a moodiness, says Jenny Marrs. Dark green can also feel formal. A deep shade like forest green can add a touch of luxury in the form of a fancy accent chair, ottoman, or wall tiles. Elements that are more versatile like plants, artwork, and textiles can pop in any shade.