The Stunning Bedroom Extra That A Real Estate Agent Loves To See In Homes

When it comes to top amenities in our homes, no one knows the trends quite like a real estate agent. Spending their days touring other people's spaces, whether they are newly built homes, renovated cottages, or luxury apartment buildings, means they get an inside look at what buyers are looking for when searching for their next home. When you are looking for a real estate agent, you want someone who not only knows your area of choice but is also great at communicating about your wants and needs, no matter how big. One of those wants that some agents are seeing lately is what was once thought of as a luxury: a balcony.

Whether you want a balcony for the added space or to simply feel like a princess in a castle, it can be a huge value-add for sellers. Balconies off the main bedroom have been added to must-have lists and real estate agents are taking notice.

Why balconies have become so popular among homeowners

Balconies were once a rare item to focus on when it came to home searches. But now, real estate agents are saying that having a balcony is a major plus when their clients are searching for homes. If an apartment does not have outdoor space, a balcony can provide that for the renter, giving a space to grow plants or simply enjoy a nice day. But quite possibly the biggest reason balconies have become so popular is that they offer additional space in a home. "It expands the usable living area and provides an intimate setting for al fresco dining, a morning coffee or just relaxing after a long day," Ericka Rios, co-founder and director of leasing at Downtown Apartment Company, told Apartment Therapy.

But it's not just apartments that can benefit from a balcony — newer homes are now being built with this idea of added space in mind and many new builds are adding balconies off the main bedrooms. "This extra space is very appealing to buyers and can add value to a home," said Chris Gold, a realtor and CEO and Owner of Chris Buys Homes in St. Louis.

What to consider with balconies

Whether you are hoping to find a balcony for your apartment or are building a new home and want to add a balcony, there are a few things to consider. The first is the type of balcony you want. If you want a large, open space, you may want to opt for a terrace versus the smaller balcony option. A terrace is a raised patio of sorts that is detached from the main structure of the home, while a balcony jets off the main structure. And while a balcony can provide a ton of added value to a space, there are a few drawbacks as well.

Having a balcony can mean less privacy in your home, depending on your location and where the balcony is located. If your balcony faces a busy street, you may end up using it less due to noise and privacy concerns. If you are building a balcony onto your home, there are a lot of safety regulations to consider, not to mention the safety hazards with young children or small pets.