The Dollar Tree Bin Hack That Will Double Your Storage Space

Rummaging through your dresser to look for that specific piece of clothing is not only difficult, but it can easily mess up the organization of the items in your drawer. This scenario is all too common, hence the popularity of organizers and drawer dividers. If you're looking for an affordable drawer divider that will revolutionize your storage, what better place is there to look than Dollar Tree? Mom L.Neal shared on TikTok a nifty hack she uses to keep her daughter's messy drawer organized while at the same time doubling the available storage space in the drawers. The hack involves using collapsible storage containers with handles from Dollar Tree for $1.25 each.

The collapsible storage containers transform your drawers into neatly organized spaces by creating separate sections for different items; you can fit about two of these in most drawers. While these containers are already useful on their own, the hack further enhances their organizational efficiency. It involves an innovative repurposing of the bottom piece of the container, typically used for support, and utilizing it as a divider within the container. This creates two smaller compartments, enabling you to store more items neatly. Rolling your clothing before placing it in the compartments is the key to maximizing space with these dividers.

Why this collapsible drawer hack is a great idea

This storage hack dramatically improves both the organization and capacity of your drawers. By rolling items instead of folding, you can quickly see everything you need at a glance, and more importantly, it allows for easy retrieval of items without disrupting the rest of the contents. This method is particularly effective for small, manageable items. You can also complement this hack with the genius DIY dresser drawer divider hack that reuses empty toilet paper rolls, which is best for smaller clothing items like socks, ties, and underwear.

However, while rolling the clothing works for kids' clothing, it may not work for adults' clothes. Instead of rolling or stacking them on top of each other — the conventional way of organizing clothing — fold and store clothes vertically. This vertical arrangement helps identify items faster and minimizes the chances of wrinkling. If you have a deeper drawer or want to use this hack on cabinets, you can opt for bigger storage containers, which are also available at Dollar Tree for $1.25. If the container's bottom piece doesn't fit well as a divider due to height issues, you can create affordable DIY dividers using cardboard and decorative paper. This not only adds a personal touch to your drawer but also allows for a customized fit to suit different drawer or cabinet sizes.