The Dated And Isolating Kitchen Feature Our Interior Design Expert Warns Against

Kitchen design trends quickly come and go. As a result, it is important to stay up-to-date with what's currently popular in kitchen design so that you know whether your space is becoming dated. There is one feature in particular that ages a kitchen, according to Christina Kim, Principal Designer and Owner of Christina Kim Interior Design. "Serving windows were popular in the past for their convenience in passing food and drinks between rooms, but as open-plan layouts and kitchen islands have become more common, serving windows may be seen as restricting the flow of space and interaction within the home," Kim shared while speaking exclusively to House Digest.

That's right, serving windows are one of the once-popular design features that now give away a kitchen's age. If you are one of the many homeowners who still has one though, there are quite a few different ways you can give your kitchen an upgrade. Thankfully, this does not necessitate a complete remodel of your kitchen wall. Instead, you can redesign the window into something more modern.

How to modernize your serving window

Kim shared a few ideas on ways you can revamp that old serving window to give your kitchen a fresh new look. "Transform the serving window into a stylish and functional 'pass-through' feature that complements the overall design aesthetic of the home," she shared while speaking exclusively to House Digest. You might choose to install trendy shelving around your kitchen's pass-through. This extra storage space would allow you to display your favorite kitchen decor pieces to really add flair to the room.

"Install sliding or bi-fold windows to create a seamless indoor-outdoor connection and enhance natural light and ventilation," Kim suggested as a second option. This is another simple upgrade that doesn't require a super expensive redesign of your entire kitchen wall. The principal designer's next recommendation is perfect for homeowners who enjoy hosting guests and those with large families. "Incorporate the serving window into a breakfast bar or counter seating area, making it a focal point for socializing and serving food," she shared.

Revamp your serving window with smart features and more

There are a few more ways you can revamp your serving window to make it more modern. "Use the serving window as a display or serving area for parties and gatherings, showcasing drinks, snacks, or decorative items," Kim shared while speaking exclusively to House Digest. If you go with this suggestion, your upgraded serving window could become a talking point for all of your guests as they gather around the area for drinks or snacks.

Kim's final suggestion will really transform your serving window for the better. "Consider adding smart features such as adjustable height or touchless operation to make the serving window more user-friendly and interactive," the designer explained. This upgrade might just make your serving window one of the most high-tech areas of your home. If you do decide to move forward with this idea, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of smart home technology in a unique and unconventional way.