Fixer To Fabulous' Jenny Marrs Shares Simple Tips For A Timeless Kitchen Design

When designing your kitchen, you might consider taking the timelessness of the design elements you select into consideration. This can save you from expensive kitchen upgrades that create a more modern look. However, you will likely find yourself renovating the whole space at some point in the future. Even home design experts have chimed in on this topic. Jenny Marrs, star of HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous" shared her tips on how to achieve a timeless look in your kitchen.

"I recommend staying away from really specific trends and going with classic kitchen cabinets and classic hardware instead," Marrs said while speaking with Homes & Gardens. "Lean into pieces that have already impressed for decades and draw from features and colors that we already know can stand the test of time." This advice will help you achieve that timeless look that will last until it's time to sell. Let's dive into the design elements Marrs recommends.

How to design a timeless kitchen

Luckily, a lot of the timeless design elements recommended by Marrs are also among the most popular. Many homeowners have already taken the importance of longevity in home design into consideration. "Some things that are timeless: natural brass, marble kitchen countertops, clean cabinetry, and anything wooden — these things will always look beautiful," Marrs explained to Homes & Gardens. "Natural brass, especially, is always going to impress because it has a natural patina — it changes over time, but it's always [going] to look good."

Color schemes and hues are also a vital part of designing a kitchen that will not eventually look outdated. Bold statement colors or patterns that are often only temporarily trendy are not necessarily the best choice for those looking for something timeless. Think about those backsplashes with very busy patterns that were once popular. They quickly became outdated and now reveal a kitchen's age. Marrs shared that wooden surfaces and other neutral materials and hues are a better choice for timeless kitchen cabinets. "These kinds of neutrals will always have a place in our homes," she explained. "In terms of other colors, I love putty hues, tones with a muted richness to them, and, of course, white. White kitchens will always be beautiful."

Long-lasting materials help your kitchen feel timeless

Along with the visual aspect of kitchen design, you should also take longevity into consideration when thinking about function. To achieve this, opt for high-quality materials and appliances. These pieces should last a lot longer than cheaper alternatives. Jenny Marss' partner Dave Marss told Homes & Gardens in the same interview that another way to ensure a kitchen maintains its timelessness is to use high-quality materials that will last both functionally and aesthetically through all the wear and tear kitchens endure. You might find it helpful to research and read through customer reviews before deciding which materials to purchase so that you have a better understanding of quality and longevity. It may also be a good idea to opt for materials that you can go look at in person. This will allow you to touch and view the items to decide whether they are high-quality, rather than relying on online product photos.

High-quality kitchen appliances and materials not only keep your kitchen up-to-date but also boost your home's overall resale value. If you do decide to sell your home in the future, potential buyers will appreciate a kitchen that does not contain dated appliances and materials that will last. This may eliminate the need for them to upgrade the kitchen after purchasing the home.