This Inexpensive IKEA Must-Have Is A Game Changer For Storage In Small Spaces

If you live in a small house or lack functional storage options, you know the chaos that can wreak on your life. Closets can become so overcrowded that items fall out when a door is opened or — perhaps worse — you cannot find something when you need it. Additionally, it can be downright challenging to find a good product that supports your organization and storage needs without making you go over budget. The IKEA KLYKET folding hook might make it possible to maximize the storage space in your house.

Discreet in its design, the KLYKET ($9 for a 3-pack) folds up when not in use so that all you see is a thin, metallic strip on the wall. When you are ready to utilize the hook, depress the dimple in the metal and the hook will fall into position, exposing its three grooves that can hold various items. The KLYKET hook measures about 3 inches long and is quite strong. While the product page does not specify the weight capacity, the company claims that the hook's strength correlates to the wall material it is hung from — so the safest bet is not to overload the hook, which could damage your wall.

Uses for the KLYKET

IKEA's storage and organization solutions are well known and loved; adding their KLYKET folding hooks could revolutionize your storage options, whatever they may be. Use them in your home's open spaces — such as the foyer — for guests to hang bags or bulky coats. Providing a designated spot for guests' items is a pro tip for hosts, as it frees up your floor space and provides peace of mind for visitors, who will know their items are safe from children and curious pets. If you have a smallish coat closet, adding some KLYKET hooks could expand the inventory you can store. 

KLYKET can just as easily be used in a laundry room for hanging dress shirts after they come out of the dryer — keeping them from wrinkling until you have a chance to hang them up — or you could install some in your bedroom closet and use them to set out your clothes for the next workday. They are also a fantastic choice for bath towels or robes, dress-up costumes in the playroom, kitchen aprons, or even Fido's leash in the garage. The options are limitless, regardless if you're suffering from a storage shortage.

Is KLYKET worth the money?

KLYKET is an affordable option for individuals hoping to elevate their storage game; while most users praise the versatility and function of the storage hooks (with 80 reviews boasting 4 and 5-star reviews), a percentage of customers have been critical of the product's design. Less-than-happy KLYKET buyers complain that the hooks do not remain in the closed position and state that the grooves are not effective at keeping items hanging.

Though there are critical consumers, the overall positive reviews and the affordable price point — just $3 per hook — make them worth experimenting with. If storage has been top-of-mind for you, remember that IKEA has some of the best products to help you organize your bedroom and every other space in the home. If the product does not perform as you were hoping, IKEA will accept a return of your undamaged, opened items within 180 days with proof of purchase; alternatively, if you are underwhelmed by KLYKET but don't want the hassle associated with a return, you can still get your money's worth by installing them in the garage or basement, where they can hang random items like brooms or extension cords.