All You Need Is An IKEA Magazine Folder For This Sneaky Cabinet Storage Solution

Magazine holders might be some of the most underrated storage solutions out there. These basic items can double as tablet charging docks, cutting board organizers, yarn storage bins, bedside shelves, and everything in between. You can even use a magazine folder to add more storage space to your kitchen! All you need is some creativity and a couple of DIY tools.

This cabinet storage hack comes from TikTok user @dekokrams, who suggests turning a magazine folder into an extension of your kitchen cabinet. She uses IKEA's DRÖNJÖNS magazine rack, but a different model should work, too. However, the one from IKEA is lightweight and features a mesh design that allows you to easily see its contents. Plus, you can attach hooks to it for hanging tea towels or kitchen utensils without drilling holes. One user said she uses it for storing garlic, onions, and other veggies, so that's an option, too.

Expand your cabinet space with a magazine folder

IKEA's DRÖNJÖNS magazine holder is ideal for making the most out of a small kitchen — you just need to think outside the box. First, apply double-sided adhesive tape to the outside of the rack. Attach the magazine holder to the side of your cabinet, and then run a few hooks through the mesh bottom. If the hooks are too thick, attach each of them to a metal binder ring and then fit the rings into the mesh.

This DIY project is simply brilliant and takes just a few minutes. The downside is that the magazine holder may fall off, especially if you fill it with jars, cutting boards, or recipe books. One solution is to drill one or two holes into the cabinet or the wall next to it, then attach the rack with screws. Alternatively, use a heavy-duty double-sided tape, such as the 3M VHB. This kind of tape is coated with acrylic adhesives that can hold heavy loads.

For a rustic vibe, consider using IKEA's TRUMMIS handmade rattan magazine holder. If you're a fan of industrial decor, expand your kitchen cabinet with a metal magazine rack — though it may require more work. With either option, you can use heavy-duty double-sided adhesive tape to keep things in place.