Find The Perfect Handbag Organizer For Closet Storage At The Hardware Store

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When finding the best handbag organizer for your closest, more often than not, the ever-faithful shelf or two tends to be sufficient. However, thanks to TikTok user @aaircanichole, there's a new sheriff — or handbag organizer — in town. And it's undoubtedly one of the more interesting organizer storage products we've seen. Introducing: a very simple combination of a chain and a few hooks. In her TikTok, the creator shows us where to look in the hardware store, what to buy, and the rough sizes of all required materials. Please note: a drill and some screws are also needed.

Once home, the creator clearly demonstrates how to secure the chain onto her ceiling, allowing it to hang down freely. From here, she adds some hooks to hang onto the chain and proceeds to decorate it with an array of different handbags. For the record, the creator is shown shopping for the items at Lowe's, but the supplies can be found at any local hardware store, so you, too, can make your very own hanging handbag organizer.

One chain, many hooks: the new handbag organizer hack?

When researching the best chains and hooks to use for your handbag organizer hack, we found a length of chain at Lowes at $0.88 per foot, along with this 10-pack of S hooks for $8.93 and a black steel ceiling hook for $2.58 — although, as mentioned, you could essentially find these items at any hardware store. We hope this gives you a full-rounded idea of the (albeit very minimal) investment you need to make for this project. We've also gone for an all-black vibe for the ultimate industrial chic look. However, the materials tend to come in a range of colors, so go wild. While the design aspect is the most enjoyable part of this project, it's important to note you will need to use a drywall anchor and test out the weight of your handbags versus how much weight the chain you purchase can take. Improper installation can cause harm to you or your ceiling, so please be careful. 

The downfall of this DIY? If you're living in a rental property where you're not allowed to screw anything into the walls or ceilings. Or the space you have doesn't allow for a free-hanging centerpiece. Our tip? Try before you buy: Grab any long piece of material, hold it up to your ceiling, and see if you can envision it working in the space.

Alternative options for storing handbags in your closet

Let's say you don't love the idea of a hanging chain handbag organizer in your bedroom, but you want to keep your handbags clean and dust-free. Well, of course, we have a couple of alternative ways to store your handbags for you to consider. If you've got ample hanging space in your closet — no, we don't mean shoving all of your winter jackets to one side — why not consider hanging your handbag chain in your closet and using these Amazon handbag hangers in place of the S hooks? You'll get four in a pack for just $13.99, and they're a great way to store your handbags safely without damaging their handles.

On the other hand, you could try out this over-door hanging purse storage on Amazon. It's $44.95 and comes in a pack of two — ideal if you're worried about drilling into your walls or ceilings and need a renter-friendly alternative. Whichever handbag storage route you take, ensure it's installed safely for you and your home.