The Easy Spring Door Decor Idea That Pinterest Can't Get Enough Of

If the first few days of spring bring rainy weather and just a few sprouting flowers, it may be difficult to find yourself in a full-swing mood when it comes to the seasons changing. You may even be in an area of the world where colder weather persists. If spring's late arrival gets you down, you can always fend off the blues and start decorating for spring early anyway. Here's a suggestion that won't break the bank: Start with some hula hoop wreaths. 

Known as an inexpensive alternative to traditional wreaths, this option allows you to buy a simple hula hoop (typically only $1 or $2) and decorate it to your heart's desire. This Pinterest post by @thecrazycraftlady tells us all about how to create the cutest spring door decor with your new hula hoop wreath. A lot of the inspiration came from what many of us absolutely adore about the pique spring season; pinks, purples, and yellows paired with greenery and moss textures. Flowers, of course, were also prominent standouts.

How to DIY your own wreath

Because of their circular nature and flexibility, hula hoops make easy decorations. Grab a few extra for your kids — both for decorating their own and to perform typical hula hooping activities. For this garden-themes wreath, you'll need ribbon, faux flowers, a hot glue gun, wire cutters, and, of course, your hula hoop. Wrap the ribbon of your choice around the hula hoop and attach it with hot glue from the beginning to the end for security. Then, use the wire cutter to trim your flowers and use the hot glue gun to attach them wherever your heart desires. Add fake grass to add some midsommar energy to your wreath. 

There are plenty of options for easily customizable spring wreaths you can make with items you might find around the house. For another example, there's the floral bike wheel wreath. First things first: Grab a floral garden bicycle wheel, some natural jute cord, ribbon, or yarn. As is the case with the hula hoop, a large, metal bicycle wheel will surely catch attention. Wrap the cord around the perimeter. Once that's complete, tie a knot and use hot glue to keep it in place. If you want to get a little extra with this project, you can inscribe your choice of words — using stencil, a Circuit machine, metal letters, or simply your own handwriting — to welcome the new season on a piece of scrap wood. Then, use hot glue to set the scrap wood in place on your wreath.

Other ways to decorate your new wreath

There are quite a few simple ways to refresh your home for spring, but what if you're decorating specifically for Easter? If that's what you're up to, try this carrot-themed wreath idea. Grab your hula hoop and faux-carrot decor pieces from Dollar Tree. All you'll need to do for this one is hot glue your carrots around the perimeter of the design. If you want a bit more personality, use a fake cedar mantle or evergreen garland to emulate a spring forest. A rustic bark wreath base would also be stunning for the design. Don't forget the eggs, because what genuinely screams Easter more than those perfectly dyed eggs that leave children jumping for joy? Grab a few plastic eggs from Dollar Tree and tuck them into your grassy garland to show off a nice pop of color like this idea from Pinterest. Add a bright purple bow to hang the wreath from your door or the words "Happy Easter" right in the center for the full spring effect.

Note: Dollar Tree requires bulk purchases for online orders of certain items.