Upgrade Your Hazardous Basement Steps With This Affordable Dollar Tree DIY

If your basement steps are rarely used, you may not be all that motivated to give them some TLC. However, it's easy to say yes to an upgrade when it doesn't involve much time or money. A low-cost DIY will allow you to update your staircase to make it more visually appealing and safer for the whole family. It's simple: Cover your stairs with multi-purpose floor mats from the dollar store. 

This simple solution will cover all of the scratches and paint chips on your basement steps with a brand-new finish. It will also give your staircase much-needed tread that could prevent future accidents. Depending on how handy you are, you could complete this project in less than an hour. It doesn't take much to give your stairs a major glow-up, and even if your guests rarely see the state of your basement steps, this upgrade is worth it. You will be impressed with the aesthetic you can achieve with just a few simple floor mats.

How to give your basement steps an affordable upgrade

TikTok user @julianybraga.me demonstrates how to give your basement staircase an easy and affordable makeover. All you will need are multi-purpose floor mats, which are currently being sold for $1.25 each at Dollar Tree and $3.50 at Dollarama (a little more expensive than the 2022 TikTok says, but still super cheap). Be sure to purchase one for each stair. The tools you will need are an upholstery stapler and carpet-cutting scissors. You may also want to have some carpet tape and a tape measure handy.

If you have ever installed a carpet runner on a staircase, you will know how to tackle this DIY. However, instead of positioning the carpet in the center of the stairs, these floor mats are intended to cover the entire surface area of your basement staircase. You may want to measure your stairs in advance to ensure that these particular mats are suitable.

Simply arrange the floor mat so that it covers the surface of the riser and the tread above it. Line up the edges and use your tape measure and your scissors to cut off any excess. When you are satisfied with the placement of the mat, secure it with your carpet tape and stapler. You can also flatten it down with a wallpaper smoothing tool. Repeat the process until all of your stairs are covered and voilà, your low-cost transformation is complete.

Why covering your staircase is a non-negotiable safety measure

There are several good reasons to install mats or carpeting on your staircase. Not only does it make your staircase a stylish focal point in your home, but a non-slip cover could also prevent serious accidents from happening. According to a study in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, well over 1 million people are treated in emergency departments every year due to stair-related injuries. Smooth steps without traction are easy to slip on, and covering them will make them much safer for everyone in your home. It's important to secure your staircase covers properly, as loose treads can be just as hazardous as bare steps. You should also remove and replace them when they are no longer in good condition.

For extra safety, you could also consider using floor mats that alternate in color. Contrasting colors create better visibility so that individuals with visual impairments can see the steps more clearly, which can reduce the risk of accidents. This affordable dollar store upgrade to your basement stairs is one you can feel good about. Thanks to this easy DIY, you, the kids, and the dog can bound up and down the steps safely.