Inventive Ways To Repurpose An Old Box Spring Frame In Your Home And Garden

If it's time to retire your box spring, don't throw it to the curb. The mattress' accompaniment can be useful in many ways around your home and garden thanks to its wooden frame. You can turn the frame into a furniture piece, decor item, storage space shelving unit, or a garden accessory. We have listed 10 ingenious ways you can give an old or unused box spring frame new life below, and you don't have to be a master builder to complete any of these DIYs.

Any box spring with a wooden frame will work well for these upcycling hacks, from one that's a twin to another that's king-sized. Even box springs made for baby beds can function as mini versions of these home DIY projects and are ideal for small spaces. It is also perfectly fine if the box spring's fabric lining and stuffing are ripped, stained, or missing. In fact, if they're still intact, you can strip the bed support of these pieces since you won't need any of them for these upcycling ideas, but save the old bed springs to repurpose around the house. Once the wooden frame is bare, put it to good use around your indoor or outdoor space.

1. Let your vines climb

Instead of bringing the old box spring to the curb, take it out back to your garden. The tall frame, when supported vertically next to trailing plants, provides ample space for the vines to climb and is the perfect support for your foliage. Once the greenery takes over, the bed support transforms into a beautiful plant wall that is not only functional but also stylish for your outdoor space.

2. Create a raised garden bed

There are several benefits to raised garden beds including improved drainage, fewer weeds, and warmer soil. They are also a way to increase growing space if your outdoor square footage is low. Fortunately, you can create a raised garden bed from a box spring frame just by placing it down flat on the ground and filling it with soil. The interlocking planks act as built-in dividers so you can plant various herbs, flowers, and vegetables all in one garden bed.

3. Style hanging plant decor

Not only does an old box spring frame work for growing plants, but it also makes a great base for styling them, too. You can create a hanging plant display by simply draping vines and flowers through the framing. Once the box spring is filled with greenery, secure it to the ceiling to create a show-stopping decor piece. You can even dangle faux plants or prop the box spring up against a wall to customize the statement piece. Adding lighting like paper lanterns would make it even more beautiful as well.

4. Fashion a giant canvas

For all the artistic people out there, this upcycle is for you. How about transforming your old box spring into a giant canvas? Once you've stripped away all the stuffing and coils, you are left with a sturdy frame that you can cover in fabric and turn into a canvas. Then, what the blank sheet becomes is all up to you. Once your masterpiece is complete, consider hanging the large scale artwork in your home, where it will undoubtedly become a focal point.

5. Craft a pet tower

Your fur babies can benefit from the old box spring frame, too. With a few toys attached to the wooden stand like scratching posts and squeaky plush animals, it can become a jungle gym for your four-legged friends. Since the box spring frame is slim, the structure shouldn't take up a lot of space, and you can design it horizontally or vertically to best fit your home. It is a great way to create a pet space the whole family will love without having to spend any money.

6. DIY a decorative bookshelf

Another piece your old box spring can become is a bookshelf. After turning it on its side with the support beams in the back, all you need to do is add a few rows for shelving. Then, the new furniture can house books, decor, plants, and other trinkets. Feel free to cover the framing with a fresh coat of paint or roll of wallpaper to elevate the homemade piece and make it blend into your space.

7. Make a shoe rack

If your footwear needs extra room to hang out, your old box spring can come in handy as a shoe rack. Depending on the type of box spring, you may need to add baskets or shelves to the frame for support. You can place the structure horizontally against a wall and add a bench on top for a stylish addition to your mudroom or simply place it upright near your closet.

8. Increase your closet space

Besides working for your sneakers and boots, you can use a box spring frame for extra closet space as well. The structure's wooden beams act as a two-tier clothing rod that you can drape hangers onto. Just attach the box spring frame to the wall at least 2 feet up from the floor and hang your clothing along the wooden bars. You can even add baskets for accessories or place your shoes on top of the structure.

9. Maximize storage

An alternative to using the box spring as a closet is turning it into storage shelves for a shed, garage, or basement. Similar to the bookshelf upcycle, all you need to do is add planks for shelves and pile on your things. If you have limited space, you may want to orient it vertically instead of horizontally. It is perfect for organizing gardening supplies, hardware tools, or your overflow stock of household products. Furthermore, you can attach hooks or clips to the frame to hang more items.

10. Divide the room

Last but not least, another way a box spring comes in handy is as a DIY room divider. Just cover the framing with your fabric or screening of choice and use it to separate an area in your home to increase privacy, maximize space, and boost flow. It could also serve to divide your garden or balcony and provide more privacy. Just don't forget to use weather-appropriate fabrics if you're planning on placing it outside.