The 11 Best Ways To Repurpose Tomato Cages

Tomato cages are a popular tool for gardeners growing their own produce. These coned trellises help to support the tomato plant and keep its foliage from dragging on the ground. However, that is not the only way these wired structures come in handy. If you have any old or unused tomato cages, they are perfect for repurposing inside your home and out in the backyard. We featured 11 different ways you can use these plant tools for furniture, gardening accessories, decorations, and storage.

We used metal tomato cages to pull off each of these repurposing hacks, but you can also try them with the plastic versions. However, keep in mind that plastic tomato cages will be less sturdy and, therefore, are not the best option for any upcycle that uses them as a main base for support. All of these transformations are easy to complete and only require common household items.

Keep critters away from plants

Your unused tomato cage is still functional for the garden — and not just for tomatoes. By cutting the produce cage underneath its rings, the cut sections can become barriers for your seedlings. Push the cut portions into the soil at the base of your plants, and it should prevent small creatures like squirrels and chickens from digging up the roots of your young plants.

Turn it into smaller garden stakes

Another way tomato cages can help your plants is as garden stakes. You can cut the cages into metal strips and use them to support your greenery. One tomato cage can make several sturdy stakes, perfect for training droopy stems to stand upright or reinforcing vines carrying heavy fruit. You can even add plant labels to the DIY stakes to get more use out of them.

Protect your plants from the elements

Garden cloches are a great buffer to cover your plants from frost, harsh winds, and rains. Fortunately, you don't have to buy one for each seedling. These garden accessories are easy to DIY with a tomato cage and mesh laundry bag. The added layer of protection may also keep away pests and deter animals from feasting on your garden.

Make an elevated cooler

Another way to take advantage of the tomato cage's tall legs is to turn it into an elevated cooler. Just place a bowl of ice on top and fill it with your favorite drinks or frozen treats. It is ideal for keeping your goodies within arm's reach near the pool, deck, or balcony. You can even add a lid to the bowl so it doubles as a tabletop.

Use it as a plant stand

If you need a plant stand, look no further than a tomato cage. The sturdy metal wiring becomes a minimalistic yet stylish platform to house your flower pots. You can use the tomato cages both indoors and out to display your plants. Plus, with the elevated base, you can also put a low-growing shrub at the bottom of the cage to maximize your container plants' thriller, filler, and spiller look.

Transform them into baskets

The tomato cage provides good bones for a woven basket, too. You can cut the cage to make a shorter container or leave it as is to create a tall one. Twine or yarn are the ideal materials for the basket. Just weave the thread through the sides and bottom of the tomato cage until it is completely covered. Then, you'll have a functional decor piece.

Create a tiered organizer

Adding wired baskets to the tomato cage turns the gardening tool into a tiered organizer for any room in your home. Place it in the bathroom to store toilet paper, in the kitchen for hanging fruits, or in the garage for housing supplies. It is best to line the baskets so you don't have to worry about items falling through the wires.

Fashion a side table

You can create a practical piece of furniture by adding a countertop to the tomato cage. Use it as a side table in the living room or a nightstand in the bedroom. The metal legs offer a simple, modern look that pairs well with a wood or metal tabletop. Feel free to spray paint the tomato cage to further elevate the design.

DIY fun-sized Christmas trees

This season, you might want to store the tomato cages with your holiday decorations. The circular trellis can double as a frame for fun-sized Christmas trees. The cone shape allows you to dress the wiring however you see fit for the holiday. Garlands, ribbons, lights, and faux leaves are popular options to ornament the mini pines. They are easy to make and can last for several years.

Gear up for the spooky season

With the help of a tomato cage, you can also step up your Halloween decorations. The garden accessory can work as the base for ghosts, witches, and other spooky creatures. You can stake the scary ornaments in your front yard or scatter them throughout your home, and the tomato cage will keep the frights upright. Plus, when you're ready to take them down, they're easy to disassemble.

Craft seasonal decor

If one holiday isn't enough, you can decorate your tomato cage to celebrate the entire season. Wrap the wiring with vibrant flowers for spring, fairy lights for summer, fallen leaves for autumn, or faux snow for winter. The possibilities are endless. Better yet, you can reuse the same cage each season and redecorate it to your heart's content.