Jenn Todryk Reveals Some Of Her Favorite Paint Colors From No Demo Reno

Just like in life, design is all about the little things. While statement furniture and eye-catching rugs get all the love, smaller details like trendy wall art and paint color have the power to add to a home's personality. In fact, the best paint colors will transform any space — especially a small room without lots of natural light — and work well for any time of day. Painting a room is like a makeover without the expensive price tag!

For Jenn Todryk, HGTV personality and host of "No Demo Reno," paint is a no-brainer. "To me, it's honestly magic ... I consider paint decorating," she wrote on her blog, The Rambling Redhead. "It's cheaper than a renovation and something you can have fun updating throughout the years as trends come and go." On her show, Todryk typically gravitates toward neutrals and off-whites, especially in cramped spaces. A lighter paint color will ensure a small, low-ceilinged area doesn't feel claustrophobic, but that doesn't mean you need to go out and exclusively buy cans of eggshell and taupe. 

Beyond lighter hues, Todryk has used many different paints for client projects — from Sherwin Williams Toque White and Oakmoss to Black Magic and Quaint Peche. The "No Demo Reno" star favors earthy tones like Sherwin Williams Rock Garden and Illusive Green but knows the power of eye-catching paint like Moscow Midnight to make an impact. You can pick the best color for your own space from her go-to paints on the show.

Jenn Todryk likes earth tones for their natural and relaxed aesthetic

Along with neutrals, Jenn Todryk is a fan of cozy, earthy colors. The TV personality revealed on her blog that some of her most frequently used paints include Sherwin Williams Snowbound, Alpaca, Naval, Carnelian, Black Fox, Tricorn Black, and Riverway. All of these feel warm, welcoming, and nature-inspired. In another blog post, Todryk documented which paints she used for specific rooms and purposes on "No Demo Reno." 

For example, she found a dark color like Tricorn Black to be better suited for an island or vanity than for the walls of a room. Meanwhile, off-whites and neutrals such as Snowbound and Alpaca traditionally worked better for kitchen cabinets and trim. As for Illusive Green, it showed up in Season 1, Episode 8 of "No Demo Reno," when Todryk used it to paint a bedroom accent wall.

By using nature-inspired neutrals, beiges, and jewel tone paints, Todryk evokes serene feelings typically associated with spending time outdoors. For one client, she even created the ultimate relaxing bathroom with a coastal-themed palette, floating shelves, and natural wood accents. There's a reason she's so keen on earthy blues and greens — designers believe that these colors, in particular, pair well with a range of interior styles and furniture. If you're looking to emulate Todryk's go-to cozy aesthetic, you may consider a tried-and-true green like Sherwin Williams Oakmoss, Rock Garden, or Illusive Green. Any one of the three will make your room of choice feel sheltering and snug.