Make Dollar Tree Hummingbird Feeders More Enticing With An Item You Already Own

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to support your local hummingbirds this spring, Dollar Tree has a cute plastic hanging feeder, but you can make it even more appealing by adding a little bit of wire to make a perch. Whether you have some leftover craft wire or a stash of twist ties from loaves of bread, this easy DIY feeder hack will attract more hummingbirds to your yard. By twisting a loop of wire around the flower pieces of your feeder, you can make small perches that will allow a bird to stop and sit while they enjoy your nectar. 

You might also create a perch above your feeder with an old wire hanger. Perches will help to make your feeder more enticing because these birds use up a ton of energy, especially when they need to beat their wings while drinking. By providing a spot for your feathered friends to rest, you'll probably see more of them frequenting your feeder.

Upgrading a Dollar Tree hummingbird feeder with wire

For those who already have a different brand feeder, this trick can still work. If you're starting a new feeder, using a Dollar Tree version and some leftover wire is an inexpensive way to start birdwatching. Though feeders with perches — like the Perky-Pet hummingbird feeder for $17 on Chewy — are not super expensive, this hack will allow you to have a feeder with a perch for under $2. If you tend to save the wire ties that close bags of bread or produce, you can easily upcycle them into perches.

Attach three of the small wires together at the ends to form a longer piece. Now, twist the two ends together to form a circle. This can then be slipped over one of the plastic flowers where birds drink nectar. Wrap the wire loop around the flower a few times to ensure that it won't fall off, tucking any sharp points where the ties are connected behind the plastic. The same process can be done with a few inches of any thin wire you have lying around the house or even with pipe cleaners. Place one of these perches around each flower on your feeder and don't worry if it seems flimsy. Hummingbirds only weigh a few grams, so these wires should easily support them. 

DIYing a hummingbird perch with a wire hanger

For those who don't already have any thin or small pieces of wire, try crafting a perch that can also hang up your feeder with a wire clothes hanger. This is a great hack if you want to hang your feeder at a different length or if it doesn't have something to hang it already, and it's also an easy way to repurpose wire hangers

To start, use wire cutters to remove the entire hook portion, leaving you with a triangular piece of wire. Bend the wire to straighten it as much as you can. Now, bend the tip of one end downward. This will allow you to hang the feeder from a hook. Bend the other end of the wire upward where you'd like the feeder to sit, letting the excess stand out perpendicular to your feeder. This will act as your perch. Thread your feeder onto the wire and hang it for your birds to enjoy. If the wire is too long, cut it to be the perfect size for your needs. For those who want to provide more perches for their feathered friends, you can bring the charm of hummingbirds to your garden with this easy DIY swing.