The Clever Way You Can Reuse Old Cabinet Doors To Create Unique Wall Art

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If you have old cabinet doors lying around the house after a remodel, do not get rid of them just yet. You can use them to create several different DIY projects that will enhance your home decor. This is a fun way to get creative with repurposing materials you already have. Home decor can get pricey, so cabinet door DIY projects are also a great way to save money. You can craft stunning wall art with old cabinet doors and just a few additional materials.

The first option is a unique mirror frame that can help elevate your living room, your bedroom, or anywhere else in your home that might be a good fit. The second wall art idea is a decorative sign. You can use stick-on vinyl letter decals to add any phrase or quote you want. This sign could be placed in an entryway or on any wall in your home. If you have multiple cabinet doors, you can use them to create both projects.

Create a stunning mirror with an old cabinet door

To create the mirror frame DIY, you will need an old cabinet door, paint in a color of your choice, a mirror that fits inside of the door's border, mirror glue, and any other materials you would like to use to decorate the frame. Command strips or a photo frame hanging kit will work to hang the mirror, so you can choose whichever of the two you prefer.

Home Depot has a variety of frameless mirrors, such as a 24 by 30-inch option priced at $39.97, but the exact mirror you should purchase will depend on your cabinet measurements. Remember that the mirror should fit inside the cabinet with enough room on all sides for the border to serve as a frame. Home Depot also sells a variety of picture-hanging kits. You can snag a tube of mirror adhesive from Amazon for $15.99 or a pack of Command strips for $13.99.

After gathering all of your materials, start out by painting and decorating the cabinet door to your liking. Do not forget to leave the space in the center of the cabinet free of decals or any other decorations that could prevent the mirror from adhering properly. After the paint has dried, glue your mirror to the center of the door and allow it to dry completely as well. Finally, hang it up in your home using either the frame hanging kit or Command strips.

Craft a decorative sign with an old cabinet door

To create a decorative sign with an old cabinet door, the materials you will need will depend on how creative you are willing to get. If you want to be more hands-on, you might choose to paint your own design onto the sign. You can also opt to add vinyl letters that spell out a special message or quote. You will first need to paint the cabinet a color of your choice. Cabinet-friendly paint should be easy to find at any home improvement or hardware store. If you prefer to shop online, you can snag a can of Rust-Oleum Cabinet & Trim Paint from Home Depot's website for $48.98.

As far as incorporating your own design on the door, Amazon's eight-pack of stick-on vinyl letters is a convenient solution for those who would like to spell out their own message. It is priced at $6.26. If you do not want to paint your own design by hand, you can add vinyl wallpaper stickers as well. Amazon is a great place to snag these because they offer a wide variety of options. These peel-and-stick wall decals, for example, come in fun designs like flowers, butterflies, cow print, and more. To craft this DIY, simply paint your cabinet door and allow it to dry completely. Next, attach your decals or paint your design onto the sign, and hang it up in your home.