The Clever Way To Use Dryer Sheets To Eliminate Smelly Shoe Odors

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An estimated 300 million pairs of shoes enter American landfills annually. Even more shockingly, it can take up to four decades for just one pair of shoes to decompose. Throughout this period, air quality is affected as decomposing shoes discharge contaminants. But the journey here began long before this process. Your feet produce sweat and naturally occurring bacteria; therefore, shoes emitting foul smells are inevitable. You may have seen the salt hack to remove odors from stinky shoes, but what if you want something more fragrant? With the help of a dryer sheet, you can salvage your smelly shoes, including flip-flops, boots, and heels.

One drawback with dryer sheets is that they're made of synthetic polyester, a common plastic. Unfortunately, even if you find dryer sheets with plant-derived ingredients, you're still using single-use plastics. Plastic takes over 500 years to decompose, so consider the many ways to repurpose laundry dryer sheets. For example, you can throw them in your garbage can as a deodorizer, meaning your shoes won't be the only thing smelling fresh with this incredible hack.

Stick dryer sheets in smelly shoes

Place a dryer sheet in your sneakers, boots, or heels to revitalize them. If you have flip-flops or sandals, wrap a dryer sheet around each shoe, using a rubber band to keep it in place. If you frequent the gym and keep your sneakers in the car, you should keep a few dryer sheets handy after a hard workout. Since dryer sheets trap odors, this hack is perfect for removing stubborn smells. They are also fragrant and can mask persistent foul odors. If you don't have any dryer sheets handy, you can purchase a pack on Amazon for a little over $14. 

If you're worried about the impact of dryer sheets on the environment, be sure to look for brands that use plant-based ingredients. The reason for this is that dryer sheets commonly contain toxic chemicals. However, you can find more eco-friendly brands that work to reduce the incidence of harsh ingredients. If you're in a pinch but don't have any dryer sheets available, you could use items in your kitchen to deodorize your shoes, like tea bags. Although salt and tea bags work, dryer sheets come in various scents, offering a pleasant aroma all day. And if you're worried about unnecessary waste, you could use half a dryer sheet per shoe.