DIY Hidden Toilet Paper Storage With A Few Decorative Dollar Tree Items

Have you ever found yourself in a bit of a pickle in the restroom, realizing too late that there's no toilet paper within your reach? It's a common mishap, but thankfully, one that's easily avoidable. Many homeowners keep only a single roll within sight to avoid clutter or accidental spoilage due to a lack of proper storage. But there's a hack that keeps your rolls neatly organized and ensures you're never caught short again. If you're looking for ways to store and display unsightly rolls of toilet paper that won't break the bank, here's an idea shared by YouTuber Nya's Vision: create your own rustic or farmhouse-style toilet paper storage solution that comes from Dollar Tree. This approach is both practical and adds a quaint charm to your bathroom.

A trip to Dollar Tree can easily set you up for this project. You'll need three wooden boards to form the sides of your storage unit and several square wooden frames. The exact number of frames depends on how many shelves you desire and the height of your frames.

Best Dollar Tree items for your DIY toilet paper storage

Dollar Tree's variety of wooden boards and frames offers excellent options for this project. You can choose from different styles and sizes to match your preferences. For instance, there are wood plank hangers available in various plain colors, or you could opt for wooden wall decor designs with themed prints, similar to what Nya's Vision used. If you're aiming for taller storage, porch leaners, which are 48 inches long, could be ideal. The advantage of choosing plain boards is that you might not need to stain or paint them, depending on whether the existing design fits your bathroom's aesthetic.

As for the shelves, square wooden frames are your best bet for easy assembly, so you don't have to cut them to shape. You can get flat ones, like these farm life wood decor designs. Another alternative for shelves is the wood boxes available in sets of three for $1.25 per set. These can be very effective, though they come in varying sizes, so you may need to purchase multiple sets to get several of the same size.

How to DIY your Dollar Tree toilet paper storage

To begin DIYing a solution to store toilet paper in plain sight, strip away any strings or extra design elements from your chosen wood pieces. Create the main structure using a square frame and attach the three wood planks to the back and sides using a glue gun or wood glue. If you're using wooden boxes with a border, consider placing one on top, with the flat part facing downwards. This creates a recessed area for small items, like air fresheners or decorative pieces. Next, attach another wood frame at the bottom to serve as the base. If you plan on staining or painting your unit, it's best to do this before adding the shelves.

Then, decide on the placement of any additional shelves. While Nya's Vision chose not to include middle shelves in her design, you might opt to add one or more, drawing inspiration from Pinterest. Another interesting variation is to forgo additional shelves and install telescopic rods instead, similar to this other design from Pinterest. Keep in mind that the lightweight nature of this DIY toilet paper storage poses a tipping risk. To address this, attach the unit to the wall with wall anchors or double-sided mounting tapes. Alternatively, increase the unit's stability by adding weight to its base. For example, attaching a heavier wooden board at the bottom or utilizing the lower shelf to store heavy items like extra shampoo bottles might add the necessary stability.