The Furniture You Definitely Need In Your Kitchen, According To Our Interior Design Expert

The kitchen is a gathering place to come together with family and friends. Whether you're serving a nightly dinner or entertaining guests, one piece of furniture is essential. In an exclusive interview with House Digest, Artem Kropovinsky, Founder and Principal Designer of Arsight, says, "[A s]olid dining table is an important place for the family to sit. Comfortable seating encourages individuals to stay." In-kitchen dining provides a good informal space for meals and entertaining if you have a formal dining room. And, if you don't, it can serve as the home's main place for quality time. Dining chairs with upholstery or cushions are more comfortable, allowing people to linger at the table after the meal.

You also want to consider how the table will fit into the room. "Select furniture dedicated to functionality, mobility – it will flow process, increase comfort, regardless of kitchen size," Kropovinsky explains. You don't want it to obstruct your movement or work in the kitchen. The shape and size of the table is important. While rectangular tables are more traditional, they require more space. Consider a round dining table for space-saving and ideal for smaller kitchens. You'll also want to consider placement in the room. A table in the center of the room can often take on the role of an island. However, placing a table out of the work space will create a dedicated eating area reminiscent of a dining room.

Small kitchens should consider space

Those with smaller kitchens might believe there is no room to fit a table and still have space to move around and cook. However, you simply have to think of space-saving solutions. "A folding table and stackable chairs are required in small kitchens to utilize all available space," Artem Kropovinsky exclusively tells House Digest. A table and chair set that folds away when you're sitting down to eat will allow you to have full use of your kitchen when you're cooking. The Modern Foldable Dining Table Set from Hernest, selling for $944.99, has an extendable tabletop, so you can fit more chairs around the table. And when it's not in use, you can store the chairs inside the console and fold up the table. The unit has shelves that you can use for storage, making your kitchen more functional as well.

Another option for a small kitchen is a table that can double as an island. These are taller and tend to come with counter-height stools or chairs. Kitchen island seating tends to be more casual, though that doesn't mean you can't have more formal dinners around the space. Choosing barstools with a back can help create a more comfortable seat that allows people to sit longer, like a formal dinner setting. This type of kitchen table is also a good option if you're looking for more storage in the kitchen because they often have shelves built-in to place boxes, cans, plates, or glasses.

Larger kitchens can have a dedicated dining space

While larger kitchens tend to have more space, the addition of a kitchen island can affect the kind of kitchen table you can have. "In most kitchens, a medium-sized table with comfy chairs is ideal," Artem Kropovinsky tells House Digest exclusively. A medium-sized table can usually seat four to six people. These tables are usually 2 feet and 6 inches by 5 feet when rectangular, or 4 feet in diameter for circular tables. However, with kitchens with an island, you have to consider that feature. 

"The island is also serving as a dual purpose – preparation and dining," Kropovinsky says. Islands can be beneficial by adding more surface area, providing an informal or quick-use dining space. However, depending on the kitchen's layout and size and the size and placement of the island, you may have to opt for a smaller table so as not to overcrowd the room.

However, with more space in the kitchen comes more options. "Large kitchens can hold big tables and duel-function islands for both cooking and casual dining," Kropovinsky explains. "Additional cabinets offer ample storage space." Large kitchens tend to measure about 200 or more square feet, so you'll often easily be able to fit both an island and a dining table with ease. These spaces can easily fit tables that can comfortably hold six people or more and can have the feeling of a formal dining space. Regardless of kitchen size, adding a table to gather around will always be a benefit.