HGTV's Home Town Unveils A Chic Spice Storage Solution For Cluttered Kitchens

Kitchens are the hearts of our homes, and we spend a good majority of our time in them, whether we are cooking and eating or sitting around chatting, doing work, or spending time together as a family. But, with that also comes the issue of clutter. If your kitchen is the landing spot for your family, it can quickly be inundated with odds and ends, creating a chaotic space that does the opposite of bringing the family together. Ben and Erin Napier of HGTV's "Home Town" always strive to bring peace to a kitchen using hacks to add more storage

During one episode, the Napiers were tasked with renovating a century-old farmhouse. The homeowners wanted a space where they could host gatherings, meaning the kitchen needed a major update. The Napiers had to get creative with storage, and their spice shelves helped solve a few of those issues. They took advantage of the open space where the cabinets end on either side of the range to build small shelves for spice storage. Building the shelves against the sides of the cabinets and facing inward created a slim profile and provided a space to store the spices without taking up too much wall space or adding to the clutter.

How the Napiers added shelving for spice storage

Whether you have a small kitchen that you want to seem bigger or a large kitchen that isn't well organized, you are likely searching for the best ways to store all the items you keep in that area. Cabinet space is a precious commodity for most and having to keep your spices in one of them can take up some much-needed storage. To make the most of your small cabinet space, look for ways to increase shelving elsewhere. Take Ben and Erin Napier's idea to use the sides of your range or cooktop to store your spices, a spot that would otherwise go unused. 

Most kitchens have an open space around the stovetop, but that doesn't mean you can't create additional storage. The Napiers leaned into the small kitchen space, adding thin walls on either side of the stove and putting shelves in them to hold spices. Not only does this add storage to the kitchen, but it also makes the kitchen more functional, as you can reach for your spices while cooking without having to open cabinets or drawers.

Other options for spice storage

The old farmhouse renovation that the Napiers were tasked with during an episode of their show, "Home Town," featured a small, narrow kitchen. If your space is similar, adding the thin wall shelving is a great solution. But, if your space doesn't allow for that, there are similar options for spice storage. If you have a full built-in range, consider adding narrow cabinets to the outer parts of the structure. Or, if your space allows, opt for a full cabinet next to the stovetop that you can open. This allows you to store more than just spices and can act as a second pantry for smaller cooking items like oils and sprays.

If your stovetop is next to one of your home's walls, consider adding shelves by carving out a nook or two in the wall to place spices and other small items. You can also simply add floating shelves using Command strips. Just make sure the Command strips you use are rated to hold the weight of however many spices as you plan to store on the shelf. No matter which style you choose, creating a chic yet functional storage solution for your spices can be a small change that adds a big impact to your kitchen.