This Must-Try TikTok PVC Pipe Hack Will Add Towel Storage To Any Bathroom

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If you're looking for small bathroom ideas that will make your space seem bigger, then you should definitely consider your counter space. Towels can take up unnecessary room, which means you need to come up with an alternative for where to store them. Additionally, if you have a pedestal sink, you might not have the space for a towel in the first place. Although there are plenty of towel racks for sale, the satisfaction of DIYing your projects is free, which is why you should take this opportunity to make your own. 

According to TikToker @exciting.presenta, all you need are PVC tees, elbows, and straight pipes, fitting them together to create three or four rows of rungs, similar to a ladder. The idea is to attach this to your wall at a ninety-degree angle so you can hang your towels effortlessly without taking up any of the most important real estate in your bathroom. You may also need power tools for this project, depending on how you approach it, namely a drill to secure the holder to your bathroom wall. 

The great thing about PVC is that it's very sturdy, so you won't have to worry about how well it supports your towels. And, although PVC is a synthetic polymer, you can recycle it after use, which means it's not as bad for the environment as other materials. Compared to other synthetics, PVC requires considerably less energy to make and can last for over 100 years. So if you're ready to add storage space to your bathroom by hanging your towels on a custom rack, then pick out your PVC pieces and some fasteners and let's get the job done. 

How to assemble your PVC towel rack

You can purchase PVC pieces at Lowes. Elbows are $0.79 each and tees are $0.86. Pipes vary in price depending on length, but you could always purchase one longer pipe and cut it to size. A 10-foot pipe costs $6.29, and you should be able to use this one piece of material for your entire project if you're careful with how you cut it. In the TikTok video above, @exciting.presenta only uses glue to connect the tees at the base of the towel rack — this keeps them facing down and works to suspend your rack at a ninety-degree angle from your wall. The best glue for this is Gorilla PVC Glue, available for just under $10. 

The goal is to assemble your pieces so they create rungs. In the video, gaps are cut into two-inch pieces of PVC using an angle grinder. They're then attached to the bathroom wall using a power drill. This allows the towel rack to snap into place. However, you can purchase precut, predrilled PVC pipe clamps on Amazon for under $14. This removes the need for purchasing power tools, which can be expensive and dangerous to use if you're not experienced. 

For example, an angle grinder you use for this project can cost upwards of $55, and if you don't exercise caution when utilizing one, you risk serious injury for the sake of a DIY bathroom project. In this TikTok, for example, @exciting.presenta should have clamped the small piece of PVC before cutting it with the angle grinder. Holding it in place is extremely dangerous and runs the risk of severe lacerations.

Consider painting your DIY towel rack

Although PVC is one type of item you can easily use to organize your bathroom and your towels, in particular, you might not like the way it looks as is. If this is the case, you can always use some paint to dress up your new towel rack and make it more unique, or to match it to the decor of your bathroom more closely. Since chalk paint bonds to virtually any surface, you can use it to spruce up this DIY hack. Pick whichever color works best with your chosen decor and soon you'll have a functional, bespoke towel holder that won't break the bank. 

In general, chalk paint takes a full day to dry completely, so wait at least this long before adding towels to your new rack just to be safe. You can even create towel holders for your kitchen if you need more storage space, or use this hack in your closet to hang and organize your jeans. You could also wrap your new project in contact paper or peel-and-stick wallpaper, both of which come in a variety of colors.

One potential downside, however, is that the PVC might grow mildew or mold on it, especially if used in a poorly ventilated bathroom. As such, clean your towel rack often and check for signs of microbe growth. Since vinegar — in moderation — is safe for PVC plumbing, you could use it to clean your PVC towel holder. Even better, vinegar can be a versatile cleaning tool, meaning you can clean your whole bathroom with it while you're at it.