Repurpose An Old Book Into A Stunning Decorative Clock With This Easy DIY

There are so many ways to turn old books into beautiful home decor. These books add texture, dimension, and personality to any room. Whether they are antique leather-bound volumes or just really pretty new titles, books are a great way to not only have ample reading material on hand but can also serve utilitarian needs like filling up shelves, stacking to create layers, and adding visual interest to blank spaces. While there are many fantastic ways to repurpose books, one of the most clever may also be one of the most simple. By outfitting the interior of a book with a simple clock movement fitting, you can transform an old hardcover book into a fun bookish clock.

This is a great approach if you have a favorite book that you've already read and enjoyed and want to show it off. It's also great for thrifted and second-hand books lingering around your home. Even better, it's a project that is scaleable to any size book or clock. Use it on a desk or as a creative way to decorate a bookshelf, or add a hanging apparatus to mount your book clock on the wall. Not only does this stylish clock make a great addition to your home, but it can also make an excellent gift for your favorite book lover. It's also a perfect way to incorporate books as art in your home.

Making a book into a clock

To create your book clock, you will need a hardcover volume. Any size will work, but you want to make sure your book is thick enough to harbor the clock mechanism inside its cut pages. Begin by opening the book and measuring to the center, where you will drill your hole. Measure the size of the clock mechanism to determine how large your interior cutout needs to be, then use a precision utility knife to carve out enough pages to hold it securely in the recess. To drill through the front cover, place a cutting mat or another surface to ensure you do not drill all the way through the book. Add the mechanism to the space carved out and thread the arm for the hands through the front.

When closed, the book will hide the recessed clock. While you can leave the book slightly open to help stabilize it on a surface, you can also add some adhesive velcro to the inside pages to keep the covers firmly closed, which is perfect if you plan to hang the book flat on the wall. Gluing the pages together will also keep them closed, though keep in mind you will still need to be able to open it to replace the battery as needed. To hang the clock, use a triangle hanging mechanism to attach a sawtooth hanger with small screws or nails to the back cover of the book.