Here's Why You Should Place A Mirror Behind Your Indoor Plants

Not everyone lives in a glass penthouse with enough natural light to make their plants swoon with delight. The reality is that many homes have windows, but their placement or size often doesn't allow the sun to reach every corner of every room. Some spaces feel dingy, and that's okay; that's where the greatest floor lamps for brightening your space come in. But if you're a self-proclaimed plant parent, you know that ample light (and the right kind of it) is essential for keeping your leafy pals alive.

Plants all differ in their light requirements; some need bright, direct light for hours a day, whereas other low-light plants growing indoors could see the sun once in a blue moon and be just fine. If the current members of your indoor garden are sunlight lovers but your home doesn't quite cater to those needs, a mirror can be an excellent way to boost what natural light is already coming in. It's an easy trick to do, but there are some precautions to take and things to note before you dot mirrors around your home.

Mirrors amplify lights for plants

Getting your plants sufficient light is easier said than done. While you can place them under a classic grow light meant for indoor plants, you might be looking for something subtler and more decorative. Enter: the humble mirror. A mirror is a useful way to bounce light around a room. This is particularly helpful if you have a green thumb and are looking for ways to help your plants grow and thrive. Placing one behind your plants gives them the first opportunity to soak in what's reflected back. 

While it can be beneficial in brightening up a room and sharing more light with your plants, it's best to exercise caution if you decide to use this hack. Reflective surfaces can fry your plant's leaves, especially trees, vines, and leaves that typically don't need bright, direct light. It's also a possible fire hazard if your mirror gets tons of light and is directed at the same plant or spot all day long. For the safest solution, move the mirror behind your plants for shorter periods and place your plants or mirror elsewhere when you're not around. Also, keep an eye on the leaves for any signs of burning.

Other decorative benefits of having mirrors around your houseplant

Aside from reflecting light for your houseplants to enjoy, mirrors can help serve another purpose related to decor more than plant care. Mirrors can make your space look bigger by playing with light and creating the optical illusion that there is more square footage or that walls are longer than they truly are. 

Placing a mirror behind your collection of plants not only brings light to them but also makes it look like you have double the number of plants sitting in your room. Upon closer inspection, anyone could tally up the number of plants. Yet, this reflected burst of leaves and fronds is a great hack for visually filling a room, making it look bigger and greener, and boosting the overall look of an indoor garden. This is also ideal for dwellers who may not have enough space to add more plants but want a room to feel luscious and full of greenery.