Create Easy Hanging Storage For The Large Tools In Your Garage With This PVC DIY

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We've all been there: you go looking for a shovel or rake, only to find these tools tucked away in some hidden corner of your garage. Or, even worse — they're crammed beneath other tools, damaged from improper storage. If this has you wondering how to organize your garage like a professional, you're not alone. But before you run to the hardware store in search of fancy shelving, the answer to your disorganized garage is a piece of PVC pipe and a two-by-four. You need to split sections of PVC piping down the middle to create hooks for your tools. Then, the 2x4 serves as a base for your hooks, but any piece of wood will do. 

On Amazon, you can buy PVC piping for $10, although you might already have a piece in your garage. If so, this hack won't cost you a penny. A good type of tool for this project is a hacksaw since you'll need to cut the length of the pipe in half. However, you could also use a PVC pipe cutter, cutting the pipe into smaller sections before cutting each tube in half. 

Assemble your PVC piping wall hooks

The trick is to cut a piece of PVC piping in half and then into sections roughly 2 to 3 inches long. That way, you create PVC hooks that fit inside the width of a shovel handle. Next, mount a board to your garage wall — you'll attach your PVC hooks to this. Once installed, you can hang every type of garden tool imaginable, even creating staggered rows of hooks for longer items. And if you find that this hack works to organize your garage, you can transition it indoors, tidying up your shed, laundry room, basement, attic, pantry, and more. In short, the ways to repurpose a PVC pipe are endless, and for a few dollars, you can have a clutter-free garage in no time.

If you don't have a 2x4, you can mount each individual hook into our garage's drywall. Just be sure to use drywall anchors to secure your hooks in place. If you have cement walls, you'll need a masonry bit for a drill hammer. You'll also need wall anchors. The best garage storage ideas that will inspire the handyperson in you are often the ones you create yourself, so don't hesitate to try this hack in your indoor and outdoor space.