8 Gorgeous Hardwood Floor Patterns To Consider For Your Home

Hardwood floors will always be the right choice thanks to their long-lasting, high quality and warm and cozy appearance. Whether you opt for solid or engineered wood, your flooring choice will add charisma to any room in your home, making it an excellent investment. But if you want to make the most out of your flooring choice, it's crucial to choose the right pattern for your specific home. There are many options, from straight wood types to more intricate hexagonal shapes, and we've listed eight gorgeous patterns below.

When choosing the right hardwood pattern for your home, keep your budget in mind. For instance, a herringbone pattern will typically cost more than a traditional straight hardwood floor, and a more symmetrical chevron design can be even pricier than herringbone. However, both patterns will make more of a statement on your floor than a classic straight look, so if you want a bolder vibe, the investment may be worth the splurge. 

Think about your home's aesthetic as well. For example, if your home has a sleek and modern vibe, a diagonal pattern could be great, while basketweave designs are ideal for homes with rustic charm. Thus, while there's nothing wrong with selecting a classic hardwood floor with a minimalistic look, you should consider experimenting with various patterns to add more flair to your space.

1. The regular straight wood pattern

It can't hurt to keep your hardwood floors clean and classy if you don't want anything too outrageous. If you desire a visually-appealing floor that doesn't make a loud statement, the classic straight pattern look will probably be your best bet. A significant benefit of opting for the traditional straight look is that it should be remarkably less expensive than all of the more intricate patterns. Further, if you choose this pattern but want to add some interest, you could mix and match the shapes of the boards, using both ones that are skinny and long as well as types that are short but wide.

2. Diagonal patterns are stylish and only somewhat daring

Are you hoping for your hardwood floors to appear more exciting than just a basic straight look but not quite as bold as a herringbone or chevron design? A diagonal design, which places straight boards down diagonally across the room, will be perfect for the vibe you're searching for, providing the ideal compromise. Plus, just like a classic straight look, it typically isn't as pricey as the more detailed designs. However, it does require the boards to be cut at angles to fit the sides of your room, so it may be more labor intensive to install. 

3. A charming basketweave pattern

A basketweave pattern for hardwood floors looks exactly what it sounds like. When done correctly, it should appear as though you're zooming in on a basket, presenting a woven-inspired design that's ideal for rustic homes. Successful planning is crucial for achieving this pattern, as accurate measurements for where each block should be installed are imperative to creating the woven look. Still, basketweave patterns are arguably one of the most charming and interesting options, so consider choosing this pattern for your new hardwood floors if you want something pretty unique.

4. Herringbone is fun

Try herringbone floors to give you that European flare in your home. The cool zig-zag effect will add an exciting detail to any room that catches guests' eyes. The asymmetrical design consists of straight planks with 90-degree angled sides placed at diagonals. The pattern will appear particularly noticeable in rooms and spaces with minimal furniture, allowing the focus to stay on the attractive flooring without too many pieces on top of it to get in the way. Just remember that installing it is not cheap, but the end result may be well worth the added cost.

5. Symmetrical chevron pattern

On the other hand, do you like the herringbone pattern but want something a bit more symmetrical? Experiment with chevron. Rather than being cut at 90-degree angles, the planks for chevron floors have more angled cuts on the sides that create inverted V-shapes or arrows. This option is a bit pricier to install than herringbone, but it can also elongate a room and draw the eye towards where the arrows point. If you invest in hardwood floors with this pattern, you may also want to take the theme further and try adding a farmhouse chic chevron accent wall as well.

6. End grain options have curved details

Even just by looking at the name, everyone knows that hardwood floors are, you know, hard. While some people love that sleek, no-nonsense look, there's nothing wrong with wanting a slightly-softer and gentler appearance. The end pieces of wood tend to feature those bold, swirly details that each have a unique design, making them appear more relaxed and carefree than traditional hardwood floors. So, end grain is a more whimsical alternative to classic wood floors and can also work well in a rustic home. However, of course, prepare to pay extra for that free-spirited look.

7. Hexagon and diamond designs for geometric-inspired hardwood floors

Anyone who frequently feels drawn to art, fashion, and interior design details with geometric themes should consider investing in hardwood floors in hexagon or diamond designs. After all, hardwood floors with these unexpected patterns will exude art deco vibes, perfect for anyone who likes that geometry-inspired aesthetic. While they'll definitely cost more than just laying down traditional straight boards, this flooring option can make a huge statement. If you want to save money, consider only adding this to one small room in your home like you would do with intricate tiles.

8. Versailles hardwood floors bring the glamour

Finally, Versailles hardwood floors are arguably the most luxurious-looking choice, appearing somewhat like a hybrid between the basketweave and diamond patterns — but with a frame-like border. This pattern got its name because it was featured in the Palace of Versailles in France in 1684, giving the flooring option a royal flair. But before you fall in love with the look, remember that the intricate pattern may not fit every budget, as it would probably be the most expensive choice on this list. Still, it can make a huge statement and bring some elegance into your home.