Dollar Tree Has The Perfect Organizer For Kitchen Zip-Top Bag Storage

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We all know it's better not to buy single-use resealable plastic bags, but their convenience and plethora of uses make them a kitchen staple despite their harsh environmental impact. To complement their many uses, these bags come in many different sizes. But clunky boxes housing your collection can make it frustrating to find the right size when you need it. Add this resealable bag storage solution to your list of user-friendly pantry storage hacks for perfectly organized kitchen cabinets, and it will save you some much-needed time and sanity.

Instead of keeping zip-top plastic bags cooped up in their original cardboard containers, simply cluster them into one convenient Dollar Tree caddy. Not only will this storage idea keep your baggie supply in order but it's also a prime way to store zip-top bags you've washed for reuse. Dollar Tree's three-compartment plastic caddies have nooks for resealable bags in various sizes and sport a central carrying handle to make them even easier to use. 

Effortlessly organize your bags

Designate each of the three compartments in Dollar Tree's plastic caddies to house varying bag sizes. The biggest section is, unsurprisingly, perfect for larger resealable bags. Both 1-quart and 1-gallon bags can share a space, as @Maartemami demonstrates in the above TikTok. The remaining two sections are great for storing sandwich bags and snack bags, for instance. Even better than storing brand-new baggies, storage caddies can solve the problem of what to do with reclosable bags that you've washed for reuse. Just like you would with new bags, relegate each section to different-sized bags. 

This idea is a clever way to store resealable bags that are designed for reuse, like washable silicone bags and waterproof fabric bags. Since silicone bags are thicker and take up more space for storage, the largest of the caddy's three compartments is ideal for storing these durable pouches. At just over $1 a piece, you can easily snap up a couple of caddies without breaking the bank. Dedicate one to plastic bag storage and the other to sustainable options from Amazon, like reusable beeswax wraps, silicone food huggers, and silicone or fabric bags

While you're at it, earn extra credit with another plastic bag storage hack. Corral all the shopping bags you've been saving with a nifty upcycled bag dispenser. Saving a plastic detergent bottle from languishing in a landfill or warehouse can solve your plastic bag storage problem. You'll also prevent the dreaded "bag avalanche" that follows opening a cabinet door.