Transform Your Backyard Into A Barbie-Inspired Oasis In Time For Summer

Barbie has inspired a lot of creativity all over the world, from fashion to decor. While it might be less common to see people in bright pink outfits now than it was in the summer of 2023 when the "Barbie" movie came out, Barbiecore has persisted in interior design for those who want boldness, softness, and playfulness in their homes. It can be the theme of the bedroom, living room, your home's exterior, or outdoor living spaces like the backyard. Here's how to create a Barbie-inspired summer oasis in your own backyard — all you need are a few decorations, a couple of chairs, and a pool.

The top key elements of Barbiecore decor are color and whimsy. The intended vibe is playful and fun, reflecting the brand's youthful spirit but without feeling too childish. There's a heavy presence of pink —Barbie's signature color — but also yellow and green, often combined. Shiny and luxurious materials are common as well. Overall, Barbiecore is all about bold expression and not being afraid to go all out.

Outdoor furniture and cushions

The iconic Barbie DreamHouse Airbnb has some good inspiration for a Barbiecore backyard. The furniture includes pink couches, a pink grass area, and an outdoor kitchen corner with pink countertops and bar stools. This might be too much for your own personal backyard oasis, but we think the color you choose for the couches, patio chairs, or chaise lounges is a great way to start. Hot pink is obviously great, but blush pink also works well if you prefer something softer.

A neutral gingham is another choice that can give you a lot of design freedom because you'll be able to use it to balance out the other bold colors you use in the space, per HGTV's Tiffany Brooks on how to tastefully incorporate Barbie's colorful style into your space. Consider a colorful pair of pink zero-gravity lounge chair recliners, or go for neutral stripes for more of a classic look. But what about the cushions? Beyond looking for a bright color, you'll want to consider weatherproof plush cushions that look and feel glamorous because luxurious textures are one of the ways to bring the Barbiecore trend into your home. Some easy go-tos are velvet, fur (who could ever forget Ken's mink coat?), and sparkly or glittery cushion covers.

Add a Barbie stock tank pool

It's hard to plan a backyard for the summer without mentioning a pool. If you don't already have an in-ground or inflatable pool, we think a stock tank pool is a nice option to consider because of its customizable design. All you need to do is apply paint, and it will become the star of your backyard, as seen in a TikTok video from @theintrovertedition. First, apply a rubber protective coating spray to the entire surface and let it cure for 24 hours. Now, you can add your desired color. A tiny life hack is to skip the interior and only paint the exterior to make this project easier on yourself.

A Barbie pink paint color is obviously a good choice for your stock tank pool. We might also suggest pale pink, white, neon yellow, or a combination of these. You could also paint it a deep shade of turquoise blue since that is what was used at the Airbnb Dreamhouse pool. With your pool ready, don't forget the accessories. Pool floats, giant flamingo chairs, little drink holders, umbrellas, and even beach towels that fit the theme will help tie everything together.