Will A Storm Door Hurt Or Help Your Home's Resale Value? Our Real Estate Expert Weighs In

Adding a storm door to your home can make it more energy efficient, protect your main door, and allow more natural light to come in. But of all the reasons you should install a storm door, increasing your property's market value might be the best. In an exclusive interview with House Digest, Ryan Nelson, founder and CEO of RentalRealEstate, revealed that a storm door, as long as it's in the right condition, can indeed help your home's resale value.

"A storm door alone likely isn't going to make or break a sale," Nelson said. "But it is one aspect of creating an appealing entrance that buyers take notice of. So in my experience, a new storm door can absolutely help — if it's installed properly and complements the home's overall curb appeal." Nelson shared further tips on what to look for when shopping for a new storm door, as well as other ways to raise your home's worth with a little sprucing up outside.

A stylish storm door can boost your curb appeal

A storm door can not only help your home's resale value, but it is also an easy way to boost your home's curb appeal. "In many older homes especially, a simple storm door replacement can work wonders," Ryan Nelson told House Digest in an exclusive interview. "Updating to a sleek, modern frame with easy closure not only makes the entrance more functional and secure but gives potential buyers that inviting first feeling." According to the real estate expert, the allure of a storm door is in its looks. You don't have to splurge on one with fancy or technical features. If it complements your home's exterior, it will attract buyers.

While a stylish storm door can increase your property's resale value, an unattractive one can hurt it. "In some cases, removing an outdated or inadequate storm door that detracts from the front door could be better than replacement," Nelson said. It's all about setting the tone as soon as interested parties arrive at the curb, and according to Nelson, your storm door isn't the only way to catch buyers' eyes.

Other ways to increase your home's resale value

The entire front entrance of your home has the ability to hurt or help your home's value. Maximizing your curb appeal is a priority, and a stylish storm door can help with that. However, if you don't have a storm door, you might not need to add one to boost the property's market price. Just let your primary front door do all the talking. Real estate expert Ryan Nelson exclusively told House Digest, "Options like upgrading to a top-of-the-line fiberglass or steel unit with attractive glass inserts is a simple upgrade that buyers appreciate." With the right front door, buyers won't feel like they are missing out if there's no storm door.

Nelson also suggested renovating the porch area to increase your home's visual charm. "Refreshing exterior paint, repairing or replacing railings, adding new lighting fixtures or landscaping can provide curb appeal equal to or greater than a new storm door alone." Employing a few outside front entry decorating ideas for your home can help, too.