TikTok's Viral Towel Warmer Isn't For Everyone, But These Alternatives Might Be

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You may have noticed towel warmers trending on TikTok — these small bins sit in the corner of your bathroom and store your towels so that you can grab one after it has been warmed up when you get out of the shower. This can elevate your shower routine, especially during cold weather months or if you have a particularly chilly basement bathroom. TikTok user @heysweetkay took to the platform to share a video of a towel warmer that made its way onto her Amazon bathroom favorites list, but it wasn't well received by many of her viewers.

The towel warmer shown in @heysweetkay's video is the Smileader Towel Warmer, which is priced at around $99 on Amazon. Many commenters were not happy about the cost of this item. "What a waste of money," one user wrote. However, others felt that the price was justified. "It's worth every penny. I swear," another commenter wrote.

Some viewers expressed concerns about the size of the towel warmer and how much space it might take up in a bathroom. This is certainly something to consider for those with limited bathroom space. With all of these objections, you might be wondering whether there are alternatives that will allow you to enjoy a warm towel after each shower without dealing with the downsides. There are a few other options you might want to consider if this type of towel warmer isn't right for you.

Viewers did not think the TikTok towel warmer was worth it

Although the towel warmer shown in the video did not receive the best reactions, it does include quite a few fascinating features. It includes an aromatherapy tablet holder so that you can add in scents. This would provide a spa-like experience every time you grab a new towel. The item also includes a safety lock so that you do not have to worry about your little ones opening the lid and burning themselves. It is also double insulation to keep heat in and cold out, so this may help your towels stay hot longer.

Do all of these features justify the product's $99 price tag? It seems that many of @heysweetkay's viewers did not think so. They took to the comments of her TikTok video to point out many of the downsides of the towel warmer. "I used to have a towel warmer before it broke," one user wrote. "They don't last very long if you use them every day."

Of course, this commenter may not have owned the same towel warmer shown in the video. However, it seems that the item does not have the best reputation in general. "Does this actually get hot?" another person asked. "Because most towel warmers [barely] get it warm." Other viewers revealed that they would rather place their towels in the dryer to get them warm, and this may be one of the best alternatives.

Alternatives to the viral towel warmer

If the TikTok towel warmer is out of your budget, or if you simply do not believe it is worth the price, you might want to consider simply placing your towels in your dryer before you shower, just long enough to get them to the temperature you prefer. This works especially well if your washer and dryer are already near or in your bathroom.

Heated towel racks are among the other best towel warmer alternatives you can use to give your bathroom a luxurious upgrade. Amazon sells one of their more affordable heated towel racks for about $59.99. When comparing TikTok's heated towel basket to a heated towel rack, you might prefer the rack due to its lower price, though it does involve installation.

Another alternative is a heated towel cabinet. However, keep in mind that this option is typically more expensive than the bucket towel warmer. One benefit of a towel cabinet is that it can sit on top of a counter or table, so it may be a better option for those with limited bathroom space. It does not have to take up as much of your floor space. This Elite Towel Cabi from Message Tools is priced at around $179.