Turn An Old Wrench And Scrap Wood Into A Custom Storage Solution With This DIY

Vintage tools and antique hardware may be worth good money and often show a degree of design and engineering that puts today's mass-produced tools to shame. Some of these older pieces may be lingering in your toolkit or garage, some showing charming signs of age and history. While they are not always comparable to today's more ergonomic and lighter tools, they can still evoke a sense of old-world charm that comes through wear and patina that only grows lovelier with the years. A good number of DIYers have taken to the internet to show off how they use vintage tools to make new cool décor items for the home, including a popular project using old wrenches or other metal pieces to create charming coat hooks. 

Repurposing old tools is a great way to make use of durable metal goods in a new, innovative way,  as well as a great way to keep tools that might hold sentimental value. It also keeps discarded tools out of landfills and in use. Not only does the project make functional, unique, whimsical décor for your own home, but it also makes a perfect handmade gift for your favorite fixer or DIYer. Try it as a fun accent piece in a garage, home workshop you've built strategically, mud room, man cave, or kids' room.

Making an old wrench into a coat hook

To create a coat hook from an old wrench, use a torch to soften the metal enough to bend it. A vise will help hold it while you work, but be sure to use heat-resistant gloves and goggles for protection and take proper safety precautions when working with flame and metal in your workshop. Bend a longer wrench into the shape of a double hook, or for smaller wrenches, you can bend them in the middle for a single hook. You will need a metal punch and drill bit to add holes to the hardware. This will allow you to use screws to attach the wrench to the scrapwood piece you select. Use tracing paper or a template to outline your backing design onto the wood. Cut out the design with a jig or scroll saw before screwing your wrench into the wood piece.

While the tutorial mentioned above uses a cute vintage pick-up truck design, you can customize the project to incorporate your desired image or use a larger leftover piece of lumber to attach an entire row of wrenches. Different wrench designs will create unique hooks when bent, with other repurposed household or garden tools providing even more options for creating distinct pieces. Other popular tool options for creating similar projects include using smaller objects like silverware, garden hoes, and trowels or rakes for similarly rustic hooks and organizers.