Nate Berkus Swears By These Cleaning Products You Can Find Almost Anywhere

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Nate Berkus doesn't pull any punches on Instagram when it comes to being passionate about keeping a clean home. He even admits to changing his sheets twice a week. In another Instagram post, he asks, "Is anyone as obsessed as I am about cleaning before I leave the house every morning?" One of his tidying tip videos also reveals a favorite product for keeping walls and baseboards spot free: cleaning erasers.

Berkus used these erasers made of melamine foam frequently to make a rental space feel like home while waiting on the remodel of his family's primary residence to be completed. "I walk around with an eraser basically every single day wiping off every single mark," he admits on Instagram. Luckily for him, and anyone else wanting to follow his lead, cleaning erasers can be purchased everywhere from Amazon (as part of their Basics line of products) to grocery stores. They can often be found in bulk at warehouse stores, too, if you plan to use them daily like Berkus. Cleaning with erasers is easy, too. They can be used dry but are most often wetted before using them by running them under water and then wringing out the excess liquid. Dampening them makes them more effective and less likely to scratch surfaces. They can then be used to wipe away scuffs as Berkus recommends. He also suggests products to amp up "scent décor" as part of a clean home routine.

Products Berkus recommends for a clean-smelling home

As an ambassador for the Unstopables line of products, Nate Berkus notes in a Proctor & Gamble news release, "Scent is such an important part of living beautifully." From lighting candles to layering scented sprays like those in the Unstopables line, it's "about creating your world through scent," he said. For those wanting to give scent décor a try to make their home smell amazingly fresh and clean, Unstopables products are widely available in supermarkets and through big box retailers as are a variety of candle brands to suit every fragrance preference. 

Another thing Berkus suggests to freshen up a home with fragrance is potpourri. This type of scented decorative product is a great alternative to sprays made with chemicals since it's made up of organic materials like dried flowers, fruits, and herbs with essential oils added to up the scent factor. Bagged potpourri is available everywhere from IKEA to Walmart and you can use any type of bowl or decorative dish that fits in with your room to hold it. With Berkus' product suggestions, you can indeed tidy up your home and make it smell wonderful, too.