Cover Up Unsightly Floor Scratches In A Pinch With This All-Natural Item

Hardwood floors are loved for their appearance and how they elevate a space. They often need a lot of care and attention, however, and are one of the more high-maintenance flooring types since they are prone to water damage, termite damage, and various forms of wear and tear. Scratches, especially, are a big bother with hardwood floors because they can be easily caused by a lot of things that come in contact with wood surfaces. Luckily, there are hacks out there with natural items to provide quick fixes for these unpleasant sights. Olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and walnut oil are some inexpensive pantry items that can help. Charcoal is another all-natural item that can help when you're in a pinch.

Wood is generally prone to scratching due to the nature of its texture, which is why extra precautions are taken with wood surfaces. Coasters are used on wood tables, felt pads are attached to furniture legs, and area rugs are used on the floor. Still, mistakes happen, and it's helpful to know how to tackle scratch marks. Charcoal is one item that can easily erase stubborn scratches on wood furniture as well as wood flooring.

Charcoal can help cover unsightly floor scratches

To cover scratches on dark wood floors using charcoal, you'll need either activated charcoal powder or a small lump of charcoal. If using powder, mix it with water into a paste and apply it to the affected area. You can also just sprinkle it over the spot and rub it in to cover the scratch. If using a piece of charcoal, rub it over the area. Any of these methods will help cover the scratch.

Note that this hack only works for dark floors because the color of the charcoal can blend in and cover the scratch. For light-colored wood floors, we recommend another fast fix for scratched wood flooring, which is to touch up the spot with a stain or a wood repair marker in a similar color. The charcoal hack is also best used as a quick fix for a light scratch. The proper way to address a scratch in your wood floor, especially when it's deep, is to fill it in, sand it, and then seal or stain it so it matches the rest of the surface.