This Coffee Table Offers Some Surprises That Are Perfect For Small Spaces

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As shown by data from the United States census, new home sizes have been shrinking over the last several years. This isn't necessarily bad — smaller houses, condos, and apartments are often easier to maintain, more accessible to first-time homebuyers, and cheaper to furnish — but such homes can present unique challenges when it comes to creating a space that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

For people in these homes, it has become increasingly important to learn how to make the most of the small square footage you have available. That's where Hernest Furniture comes in. Central to their strategy is the belief that the best way to adapt to more confined quarters is through incorporating multifunctional furniture. 

Hernest's furniture proves that dual-purpose designs are what marry aesthetics to practicality. As explained on the Hernest website, storage and functionality should be embedded in the design of the furniture itself. Small pieces should be able to grow, and ones that require putting away should fold up into themselves. Every piece needs a purpose. Many of the brand's products showcase this brilliant multifunctionality, but the Modern Lift Top Coffee Table With 4 Stools takes the cake.

The transitional tabletop for your small living room

In small spaces, coffee tables are often used for more than just setting down cups. In certain types of arrangements, living rooms can do double duty as a home office, dining room, or study space, and the coffee table is at the center of it all — no matter how inconvenient or awkward using it for these secondary tasks might be. Thankfully, this Modern Lift Coffee Table is designed with those additional uses in mind. 

Unlike a regular coffee table, this design from Hernest can raise and lower to better align with the task at hand thanks to a set of metal arms concealed within. It can even fold out to double the amount of space you have, meaning you can comfortably enjoy a meal with your family while sitting on the included cushioned stools, or spread out your materials when you're working on your next major project, not to mention fully lay out your favorite board games.

The Modern Lift Coffee Table is the Space Saver You Need

Hernest's Modern Lift Coffee Table's multifunctional tabletop is obviously a helpful addition to a small space, but it also includes one thing that just about everyone can use: storage space. Maximizing your storage space in a tiny apartment or house is absolutely essential to maintaining a clutter-free and functional home, and this brand's design capitalizes on just about every square inch that would've otherwise gone to waste. The Modern Life Coffee Table boasts two shelves, three drawers, and two hidden compartments — one of which can be used to store the set's included stools when they're not in use. These spaces are great for stowing away living room essentials like television remotes and coasters, but you'll have plenty of space to hide away more than just a couple of your most-used items.

Furniture that boasts this advanced level of functionality can often come at the cost of style, but not in this case. Hernest's coffee table is sleek, minimalistic, and refined, meaning it's perfect for fans of mid-century modern décor, or anyone who enjoys a nicely-designed piece. With furniture like this, you can rest assured that you're making the most of your space without sacrificing aesthetics, and that's the cornerstone of Hernest's design philosophy.