Turn Your IKEA Side Table Into A Boho Statement Piece With This Pet-Friendly DIY

It's time to give your uninspiring IKEA side table the makeover of a lifetime. If you have a GLADOM table from IKEA at home, you'll know that this piece of furniture is as ordinary as it gets. This easy and creative project will transform your GLADOM table from an IKEA basic into a stylish statement piece that doubles as a cozy relaxation nook for your pet. With rattan furniture and decor coming back in style, the timing couldn't be better to give your forgotten side table a boho revamp.

This DIY is beginner-accessible, and you don't need much crafting experience to pull it off. You will easily tackle this project from start to finish in one afternoon, and you can save yourself a shopping trip because all of the materials can be ordered online. Plus, the fun continues once the makeover is complete. Sourcing the right decor for your boho-chic side table is an adventure in itself. This trendy glow-up will infuse your space with eclectic allure, and it will earn you some points with your fur baby, too. 

How to transform your GLADOM table into a cozy pet nook

TikTok user @lonefoxhome has a genius DIY solution to give your basic IKEA side table a stylish makeover that your pet will love. For this project, you will need a roll of cane or natural rattan webbing, which you can find online or in crafts stores. You will also need a large sheet of paper, a marker, utility scissors, jute twine, edge banding tape, a hot glue gun, and a 17 ½ inch round wooden surface to replace the tray of your GLADOM table. Start by removing the IKEA tray table and placing it on the bottom frame. Measure and cut a strip of cane webbing large enough to wrap around the table's perimeter. Find the mid-point and use paper to design and cut an archway into the fabric, then decorate the edges with twine and hot glue. This arch will serve as a doorway for your pet to climb inside. How adorable is that?

Secure your wooden surface to the table frame and add banding tape around the edges of the cane webbing for the final touch. If the webbing is the correct width, you should be able to slip it inside the table with the legs holding it in place. Seal the two ends of the fabric together with hot glue and your boho transformation is complete. Place your pet's favorite bed or a blanket inside and invite them into their new relaxation nook.

Boho decor ideas to upgrade your rattan side table

If you need a guide to bohemian decor to capture its free-spirited and eclectic essence, there are many opportunities to be playful with this timeless aesthetic. If you're going for a quintessential boho vibe, get ready to experiment with textures, patterns, and shapes.

One way to add eclectic flair to your side table is with irregular-shaped ceramic vases. A set of artisanal vases in cream or contrasting colors filled with dried flowers or pampas grass stems will give your table an instant upgrade. Consider placing them on a woven tray as a stylish detail. An earth-toned table lamp with a ceramic or rustic terracotta finish is a more functional decor option. For contrast, fill woven basket planters with bright, leafy houseplants that are safe for your pets. Don't forget to leave room for personal touches to make it your own. With these trendy enhancements, you won't be able to resist snapping a photo of your boho-chic side table, especially with your fur baby curled up inside.