Upgrade Boring Light Switch Covers With This Easy Photo Frame Hack

Have you ever walked into a room that's brimming with style wherever your eyes roam? Where every detail has been meticulously planned, from the largest furnishings to the smallest design element? Savvy decorators don't miss opportunities to inject interest into otherwise unremarkable features. Unexpected and imaginative decorating ideas can transform an entire room. Light switches are standard throughout homes, so why not seize the chance to add some visual interest where you wouldn't normally find it?

For just a few dollars and about 15 minutes, you can give your switch plates a designer look by surrounding them with a picture frame. For this quick project, you'll need a measuring tape, a 3.5x5 inch frame, a temporary adhesive product like Dollar Tree's fastener dots or foam mounting squares, a cotton ball or pad, and some rubbing alcohol. You may also need some washi tape to fill the gaps between the frame and the switch plate.

How to mount the frame

Before purchasing the frame for this project, take careful measurements of your chosen switch plate. The typical dimensions for a one-switch plate are 4.88 inches in height by 3.13 inches in width. However, some plates are slightly larger, so be sure to verify the size before buying a frame. The picture frame size that best fits a standard switch plate or outlet plate is 3.5 inches by 5 inches. However, plates for two or more switches are also great options for a style upgrade.

Prepare your frame by removing the backing and the glass. On the back of the frame, wipe the surfaces with a cotton ball or pad with rubbing alcohol. Wait for it to dry, and apply your adhesive product. Clean the area surrounding your switch plate with alcohol as well. Placing your sticking dots or mounting foam on a clean surface will help the adhesive bond to the surface. Center your frame over your switch plate, and remove the backing to your adhesive product. Follow the specific directions given on your adhesive's packaging, as some products recommend holding pressure against the hanging object and the wall for about 30 seconds.

A bit of paint or a funky frame shape can morph this polished look into something more eclectic. There are stylish ways to add personality to your decor with brightly colored frames, appealing textures, offbeat shapes, or even paint techniques.

Take it a step further with some creative twists

Even the closest matching size of frame to switch plate is likely to leave a visible gap between the plate and the frame. If this is the case, add a splash of color behind the frame for a quick and clever fix. Give decorative paper or other colorful material a try. Dollar Tree sells washi tape in eye-catching colors and patterns. Another option is to paint a lively color on the wall to fill the gap between your frame and switch plate. Simply match up pieces of tape following the edges of the switch plate before mounting the frame.

If you doubt that this project will last in your active household, pivot your plans a bit. In rooms with high traffic, consider framing electrical outlet plates instead. Electrical outlets rarely get the same amount of rough treatment as light switches. If even this tweak seems like the frames would tumble in no time, ditch the frames with an easy paint hack instead! Outline your switches and outlets with a pop of color or funky shape for a gravity-defying frame.