The Best IKEA Curtain Hacks So You Can Snag A Luxurious Look For Less

Selecting and styling your IKEA curtains can majorly refresh your living space. IKEA curtains are popular for a reason — they are both affordable and versatile, making them a great option for a wide range of consumers. Whether you have IKEA curtains at home or you're looking for the best products to purchase, there are several clever hacks to take your curtains to the next level.

IKEA products offer a unique opportunity to easily alter elements to suit your home. From TikTok to Instagram, DIY fanatics have uncovered the best ways to repurpose and reimagine the potential of your IKEA curtains. You can opt to install them in a variety of different ways or decorate them to match your interior design aesthetic. Never underestimate the power that curated curtains have to transform the look of your space. From beginners to home hacking pros, there's an ingenious trick for every level of expertise.

Create stylish DIY pleated curtains

Give your ordinary curtains an easy makeover. Dwell Aware on YouTube recommends using curtain hooks to pleat your own IKEA curtains. Any IKEA curtains will work as long as they have a hook belt. For example, you can pair the HANALILL curtains with the RIKTIG hooks. As shown in the video, Dwell Aware used the outside hooks to connect the loops at the top of the curtain one inch apart. You can also count six to eight loops between hooks.

The benefit of this hack is that you can easily experiment with different pleat widths to suit your personal taste. If you want the pleats to stand out even more, consider using this pool noodle curtain hack for a more three-dimensional effect.

Try dynamic dip-dye curtains

Add a splash of color to your neutral curtains using this hack from IKEA. As demonstrated on the retailer site, a large bucket was filled with water before dipping the curtains in, up to the point where the transition color was desired. Fabric dye was mixed in another bucket. The wet portion of the curtains was then dipped into the fabric dye. The curtains were removed, a bit more dye added, and then just the ends were dipped to achieve an ombre effect.

This hack works best with lightweight IKEA curtains, like the SILVERLÖNN. If you want to get super creative, you can create a multicolored gradient from top to bottom. Make sure to let each color set and dry before applying the next portion of dye.

Add DIY window valances

As demonstrated by @ikeahack on Instagram, you can elevate IKEA curtains with DIY window valances. They started by measuring the window and purchasing three pieces of 12mm MDF in an appropriate size. Next, they cut and nailed the pieces together to create the base for the valance. Then, they sprayed the MDF with upholstery glue and covered it with quilt batting (foam can also be used). Finally, they sprayed the glue once again before wrapping and folding the old IKEA curtain around the valance for a chic, upholstered look.

For an additional stylish touch, you can adhere crystals to screws and create a no-sew, tufted effect. If you want to create a decorative border around your valance, you can also push rounded nail heads directly into the fabric to create a nail-head trim.

Two rods are better than one

A common mistake many homeowners make is trying to crowd a thick curtain and a liner onto the same rod. This can look messy and make it difficult to pull the curtains closed. IKEA offers a double-rod solution with their RÄCKA/HUGAD combo, as shown by @myrumabujang on TikTok.

This allows you to hang the BIRTNA curtain and the sheer ROSENROBINIA panel on the same window with no crowding. Another clever hack for IKEA curtain rods is connecting several rods to create a single, long display. You can also hang two curtains in front of one another and then pull them back to create a stylish, overlapping effect.

A no-sew hemming technique

Sometimes it's less expensive to get the cheapest standard-sized curtains from IKEA and hem them to fit your window, especially if your ceilings are an unconventional height. Pine and Prospect Home on YouTube demonstrated one way to do this, starting with laying out the curtain and folding it in half. Next, four inches were added to the desired length before cutting the excess (high-quality fabric scissors are best for the task). Then, the curtains were opened back up and a 1-inch-thick fold was made. Iron-on fabric tape holds the hem in place.

Heavy curtains are harder to hem, so opt for a curtain like the MOALINA that is lightweight yet still opaque. If you're trying to decide on the optimal length for your curtains, consider hanging them just under the top of your ceiling as opposed to in line with your window. This will elongate your wall and create a luxurious look.

Turn any curtains into track curtains

If you don't like the look of your current IKEA rod curtains, Being Faithfully Asia on YouTube demonstrates how to convert them into track curtains. Iron-on fabric tape adheres knitted curtain heading tape underneath the rod pockets, all the way across the back of the curtain. Hooks are added to the heading and spaced evenly. Then, the curtains are hooked onto the VIDGA track system.

Because they are installed directly on the ceiling, track curtains offer you the ability to separate space without the need to connect to any walls. Track curtains are an excellent resource for creating a makeshift bedroom or sleeping space, as well as a home office.

Consider alternatives to rod pockets

Threading your rod directly through the rod pocket can result in a frustrating game of tug of war. For an easy alternative, follow @kathleenlovescolor on TikTok. Using the SYRLIG curtain rings, she demonstrates how to attach them to a curtain by feeding the hooks through the smaller loops at the top of the curtain. Avoid using the clips altogether. Finally, the two loops are hooked together to hang the curtain.

This affordable IKEA curtain ring hack is not the only way to work around pesky rod pockets. You can also rub the rod with wax paper, making it much easier to open and close the curtains. The wax will also prevent dust from building up on the surface of the rod.

Hide clutter with DIY duvet café curtains

For another clever no-sew hack, you can easily turn your IKEA duvet cover into short café curtains to hide clutter. Bluebird Home & DIY demonstrates this hack using a beautiful Toile de Jouy duvet cover, similar to the ALVINE KVIST. They started by cutting the duvet 3 inches longer than the desired length on each side, except for the rod pocket (which will depend on the thickness of your rod). After that, each raw edge was folded about an inch upwards and iron-on fabric tape was used to secure the hem.

This is a unique way to hide storage on open shelves like the IKEA BILLY bookcase. In addition to repurposing an underutilized textile in your linen closet, the beauty of using a duvet cover over a curtain is that the patterns are often more eye-catching. While a bold pattern may be overwhelming for full-length curtains, café-length curtains are a great excuse to add a splash of visual interest.

Add eye-catching block print decals

If your IKEA curtains are looking a little bland, you can easily add a fun, eye-catching pattern to the surface of the fabric. @spruce_n_spice on Instagram demonstrates this artsy hack. She used stamps (you can use a stamp of your choice) and dipped them into fabric dye. Then, she stamped the pattern across the curtain. If you follow suit, make sure to measure the distance between each stamp to achieve a professional look.

Always choose a high-contrast paint color so that the design pops against the fabric. For an eclectic, retro look, you can actually use a variety of vintage stamps to decorate your curtains. If you want to highlight your printed panels, use this clever hack to make your curtains glow. The beauty of IKEA products is that they provide a blank slate to fuel your creativity.