What Is A Flapperless Toilet And Is It Worth Installing In Your Home?

Most toilets have a component inside known as the flapper. This piece is typically made of rubber and is attached to a chain. When you push the handle, the chain lifts the flapper and flushes the toilet. On the other hand, flapperless toilets don't have either of these pieces but rather a bin that sits inside the tank and fills with water. The bin tips over when you move the handle down, rapidly pouring out the water and creating a strong flush.

Toilet flappers are very susceptible to breaking and are often the cause of issues with toilets. For those who are sick of having to buy and install new toilet flappers, a flapperless option could be worth installing in your home and a helpful way you can upgrade your toilet. Because of the way flapperless toilets are designed, they are able to cut down your water usage, are less likely to leak, and shouldn't need to be repaired as often. Additionally, flapperless toilets may not be as expensive as you think. The Niagara Stealth flapperless ultra-high-efficiency toilet is $156 at Home Depot.

Why it could be worth it to install a flapperless toilet in your home

When your toilet has been running nonstop or doesn't have good water pressure, this can let you know that you need to replace your toilet flapper. These issues can use a ton of excess water, and toilet flappers are easily damaged by certain cleaning supplies, time, hard water build-up, and bacteria. While toilet flappers themselves are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace, issues with them could end up costing you a lot more on your utilities. Investing in a flapperless toilet could be an easy way to get a less expensive water bill. Not only will a flapperless toilet have no threat of leaking and costing you extra, but most versions also use less water for each flush than traditional toilets.

While older toilets may use around 3 ½ gallons of water or more for every flush and most modern toilets use a little more than 1 ½ gallons, flapperless toilets will use about 1.28 gallons or even less. The previously mentioned Niagara toilet from Home Depot uses less than a gallon for each flush. Because of the easier maintenance and potentially lower costs, it could be worth installing a flapperless toilet in your home.