The Countertop Choice That Will Give Your Kitchen A Modern, Minimalist Look

Kitchen trends have to take into account both style and function. That is especially true for features like the kitchen countertop, where much of the room's work takes place. Right now, kitchen trends are pointing towards remaining modern and minimalist, however, many homeowners are straying from austere white finishes. That's what makes beige quartzite one of the top material options. It gives a kitchen a modern and minimalist texture while also embracing earthy decor and a natural color scheme.

Quartzite is a natural stone —unlike quartz, which is manmade and often confused with quartzite. Quartzite is known for being durable, allowing it to stand-up to scratches and knicks that might occur in the kitchen. Though it is a porous material, with regular sealing, the material will be protected from spills. The stone's natural hardness is what makes it a great choice for the kitchen. What most people really love about quartzite is its ability to mimic the look of marble through the veining patterns. With slabs that have subtle and more dramatic veining options, this stone can look like marble while being an easier material to maintain. The neutral veins on a neutral field offer the minimalist look many seek for a kitchen design. The warmth of the beige is a modern trend that will make the kitchen a more inviting place to gather and cook in.

Beige quartzite varieties

Quartzite comes in a variety of colors, including neutrals and bolder tones. However, it's the beige varieties that are garnering attention as a modern favorite for the kitchen. The Taj Mahal quartzite from MSI is a stunning countertop choice that sets your home apart from other options. This variety features a beige-white backdrop with gold veining. This variety perfectly exemplifies the modern and minimalist look that is trending for kitchens. However, the more vibrant veins running through add a unique texture that will make this countertop feel like a featured detail.

Quarried in Brazil, Nuage Macchia Oro quartzite from is another stunning beige countertop option. This variety has a light beige background with brown, white, and gold veining that appears in an almost wave-like texture layered with some minor speckling. One of the trends for modern kitchens is using a dramatically textured marble in the kitchen. This option is the ideal quartzite alternative. Because of its flashy veining, it's sure to create a statement piece for counters and backsplashes. Though the overall neutral and monochromatic color scheme give it the minimalist look as well. For anyone who wants a softer look in the kitchen, Bella quartzite is a great choice. This stone features a light beige background with a slightly darker beige veining throughout, which blends well into the background, adding subtle texture. The Bella variety is an excellent choice for those who prefer a warm, minimalist look.

What to pair with beige quartzite

Beige is a comforting shade that adds plenty of warmth to your home. Since it is a neutral, beige is easy to pair with practically every color. Earthy tones are a favorite color scheme for modern homes and beige lends well to matching with deep reds, muted yellows and oranges, and sage greens. Use beige quartzite on the countertops and pair it with a dark red backsplash, like the Zagoa Zellige tile from Bedrosians Tile and Stone, to create a moody interior. Or, for something more calming, the light green Palisades Bahia picket tile from the Tile Club can work. Embracing earthy interiors is also a great way to bring natural wood into a bathroom or kitchen, adding texture and a grounding design.

Simple blue is a good option to pair with a beige quartzite. Blue brings a sense of calm that will make the modern kitchen a relaxing room to work in. Opt for the simple Hood River Gloss from Fireclay Tile for a sleek and minimalist kitchen design. Or paint the cabinets with shades like The Early Stuff from Backdrop. For something a little darker and more modern, try the School Blazer Blue. Beige and blue complement each other well, but you want to ensure you balance it. So if you use blue cabinets, opt for a neutral beige backsplash that pairs well with beige quartzite. A blue backsplash with beige quartzite counters will feel balanced with mid-toned wood-stained cabinets.