TikTok Builds An Impressive DIY Treehouse That Will Inspire One For Your Yard

If you've been dreaming of a backyard treehouse since you were a kid and finally have the chance to build one at your own home, the task can be pretty daunting. While an amazing treehouse will blow you away in others' backyards, the act of actually building it is not quite as exciting for many, especially for those with young kids. Luckily, TikTok has shown us that building your own backyard treehouse is not only possible but may not be as difficult as we thought.

Of course, DIY-ing one yourself won't result in a lavish outdoor oasis like the stunning treehouses you can rent on Airbnb, but if you do it right, you will have a great place for your kids to play for years to come. TikToker @WelcometotheWoods posted a step-by-step video of her solo build of a treehouse in her backyard maple tree. Once she confirmed her tree was healthy and sturdy enough to withstand a treehouse, she went to work building the platform bases before going upwards to create the treehouse of her kids' dreams.

How to recreate a similar DIY treehouse

Building a treehouse is not for the faint of heart, but with a little planning, some leg work, and a lot of patience, you can DIY a treehouse in your backyard similar to @WelcometotheWoods on TikTok. After confirming you have a solid tree, the first step is to figure out your treehouse's configuration. Once that is finalized, you can start building the base. The TikToker used 4-inch by 4-inch and 2-inch by 6-inch posts that were angled to fit her specific tree, creating a third base that was about 7 feet high and would become the main area of the house and a fourth that was smaller and would be host to a rock wall and monkey bars. The wood posts are not only bolted to the tree but secured to the ground using footings.

Once the base of the treehouse was complete, @WelcometotheWoods used 5/4 decking to lay out and create floorboards. She created a climbing ladder system and incorporated stepping and safety platforms. She then sanded down the wood to avoid any splinters. Once the wood was dry, she sprayed on the stain and added finishing touches like a large spiral slide, a smaller side for her youngest, a swing, and a pulley system.

Things to consider before building a treehouse in your yard

Although TikTok user @WelcometotheWoods was able to cram her entire treehouse project into a five-minute TikTok video, the whole process actually took her quite a few weeks to complete. If you are watching in awe of the final product, there are things to consider before starting on your own DIY treehouse. The most important is the type of tree you are going to use. While most strong, healthy trees can withstand a treehouse, the best trees for something as complex as a treehouse are cedar, maple, oak, beech, and ash. If you are unsure of your backyard tree type, consult an arborist before building.

Safety is another big thing to consider. @WelcometotheWoods pointed out that she spent four hours sanding the wood to avoid splinters or hard spots on the ladders. But you also want to watch out for other aspects when building a DIY treehouse, including the height (it should not be taller than 10 feet as that can cause serious injuries) and ensuring the tree is not close to any type of electrical wires. You also want to create a barrier that is at least 38 inches wide, and always make sure your design includes easy and safe ways for children to climb up and down.