This Sun-Inspired TV Stand May Be The Perfect Piece To Brighten Your Living Room

Whether you live in an eight-bedroom mansion or a small studio apartment, good furniture is arguably one of the most important must-haves for updating your living room. There's no part of your home that visitors see and interact with more, so you'll want to have carefully curated pieces that express your style. As real estate broker Aviva Sonenreich explained to BestLife, "Guests will notice what kind of furniture you have and how it's arranged in the room. It's important to choose pieces that are both comfortable and stylish." 

Luckily, the crossroads between comfort and style is exactly what Hernest Furniture has in mind when designing elegant and eco-conscious furniture. If you're feeling like your living room could use a little more "oomph," let the sun greet you every day with Hernest's gorgeous Helios' Sunlit Bas-Relief TV Stand. 

Inspired by the mythical Greek god Helios, the Helios' Sunlit Bas-Relief TV Stand is a stunning piece of furniture fit for Mount Olympus. Plus, it's built with sustainability, durability, and style in mind. Here's what you need to know about Hernest's gorgeous new TV stand and how it can brighten up your living space.

A practical piece inspired by mythos

After recognizing the trend toward nature-inspired interior design, Hernest set out to capture the simplistic beauty of classical Greek design. Hernest's Helios'Sunlit Collection is inspired by Greek mythology — in particular, Helios, the god of the sun, oaths, and sight. In creating the Helios collection, Hernest leaned into geometric designs, sunlike shapes, and metallic textures that energize the room, as if the sun itself were beaming into your home. While all the pieces in this collection are beautiful, the Helios' Sunlit Bas-Relief TV Stand is a shining example of the warmth, rejuvenation, and consistency symbolized by Helios.

This gorgeous TV stand is built with sturdy metal legs and features an impressive three-dimensional bas-relief design on the front face. The TV stand itself is a versatile size, measuring 65 inches long, 17.7 inches deep, and 23.6 inches tall, which looks great when paired with TVs up to 75 inches. The unique bas-relief texture and metallic surface bounce light throughout the room that changes as the daylight shifts. With two drawers and two spacious storage cabinets, this piece offers a place to tuck away books, magazines, gaming controllers, spare blankets, and other items while keeping them within reach.

Sunny style and a happy planet

Available in metallic gold or silver, the Helios' Sunlit Bas-Relief TV Stand can suit a variety of interior design styles. When it comes to styling this illuminating piece in your space, it will look incredible paired with other celestial elements or Greek Revival decor, the architectural style that inspired the White House columns.

Aside from bringing radiant vibes into your living room, the Helios' Sunlit Bas-Relief TV Stand is easy to assemble, with instructions and essential tools included. Once you've put it together, you'll hardly have to touch it again; just dust it with a mild cleaner as needed and avoid abrasive materials that could scuff its lovely shine. If that doesn't already bring you peace of mind, Hernest's commitment to eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing should reassure customers that it's not just passionate about trendy home decor — it cares a whole lot about our home planet, too.